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100 You see a water processing control computer. It has malfunctioned due to the removal of a critical piece of hardware.
101 Your search the water processing control computer is successful. You find the water chip without a problem.
102 You search the water computer. It takes a while but you eventually discover the water chip.
103 The computer cannot be repaired without a functional water chip.
104 You easily remove the water chip from the computer. You hear the flow of water to the city stop.
105 You struggle with the computer for a while, but you cannot remove the chip. After a moment, you realize you forgot to remove the locking bolts.
106 You did not remove the chip. Perhaps you should try again, this time a little more carefully.
107 You are too far away to carefully examine the water computer.
108 You fail to repair the computer.
109 You learn nothing special about the water computer.
110 You reinstall the water chip into the computer. The computer reboots after a moment, and proceeds to function as normal.
111 This item cannot be used on the computer.
112 You see a water processing control computer. It is functional.
113 You gain
114 experience points for getting a water chip.
115 You examine the computer carefully. Your analytical mind discovers a couple of methods that will ease the removal of the water chip.
116 You learn that there is no way to fix the computer without reinstalling the water chip.
117 After shutting down the Water Purification Computer, you can now hear the repaired water pump working in the distance, bringing water up from what must be a deep well under Necropolis.

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