Fallout MVCOMP Dialogue
100. This computer is labeled Atomic Access Computer.
101. There are cables running from the access computer to the warhead behind it.
102. You have armed the warhead. A timer with four minutes has started a countdown.
103. You have disarmed the nuclear warhead.
104. BOOOOOOOOOM! [You have set off the nuke!]
105. That doesn't seem to be working.
106. The countdown is still going . . . maybe you should cut that red wire.
107. Maybe you need to use the key also.
108. This computer is equipped with a hardware locking device that prevents the arming of the bomb without the proper key.
109. It is impossible the lockpick this heavily secure lock.
110. This computer cannot be repaired.
111. You cannot use the traps skill on this computer.
112. You are not skilled enough to defeat the security mechanism.

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