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100 The robot is non-functional. The layer of dust on it suggests that it hasn't been active recently.
101 The robot has been repaired, but it is still not functioning.
102 The hardware is not a problem, it must be the software.
103 You cannot access the robot's functions, as it is disabled.
104 You tinker with the malfunctioning components, but need more time to make the fix.
105 You reboot the onboard computer, and successfully restart the robot. You notice that the robot's radio is broken.
106 You spend some time working on the robot's computer, but cannot get it restarted.
107 Unit #462 online. Self-test. Adjusting unit location data. Fixed. Rebuilding memory file. Fixed. Error - task incomplete.
108 Rogga.
109 What is your incomplete task?
110 Well, just do it and get out of my way!
111 [Click] Okey-dokey! Restarting task.
112 Unit #462 is a cleaning model. Must finish cleaning and maintenance of this level.
113 Go to it!
114 What do you have left to clean?
115 Vat Control Room. [Click] End of list.
116 Heh. Finish your task.

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