Fallout MOATGRD Dialogue
100. You see a guard.
101. What is your business here?
102. Urr?
103. I'm just looking around.
104. I want to buy some weapons.
107. I have no patience for jokes. If you do not leave this area now I will shoot you!
108. We don't like nosy people. Go away now and I won't shoot you.
111. You smell like a brahma but I bet you're not as intelligent.
113. Ahh, very good. Customers are always welcome. Come in but please keep your weapons holstered. Go find Zack, he can set you up with anything you need.
115. I need to speak to your boss. It is very important.
116. Oh, ok. Gabriel will talk to you. Go on in.
117. Yeah, I remember you. Go on in.
118. I need to speak to Gabriel. It is very important.
119. I want to buy weapons from Zack.

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