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100 You see Miles, the chemist of Adytum.
101 You see a thin man in a white smock.
102 I don't believe we've met. I'm Miles. What can I do for you?
103 I'm just looking around, thanks.
104 That smock makes you look like a scientist. What are you studying?
105 Huh?
106 Well, enjoy your stay in our little town.
107 I'm a chemist. Mostly, I make primer and powder so that we can re-use the brass casings from bullets. But I also dabble with some other chemicals.
108 So you make bullets for Adytum.
109 Where do you get the sulfur, potassium nitrate, and other chemicals?
110 What other chemicals do you work with?
111 Thanks for the information.
112 Yes, although Smitty is the one who actually casts the bullets. I just refill the brass casings.
113 But the Hub merchants make a profit off of you and the town.
114 It's unusual to find someone who can appreciate chemistry! But to answer your question, some of the materials we get from Hub merchants; others I manufacture or just find in the area. For instance, the dung heaps from the Brahmin are a good source, as well as some of the strains of fungus that I cultivate.
115 Well, I've been trying to get some strong acids so that Smitty can use them for etching. I also have been trying to make some permanent dyes and inks. But without access to natural inks, it's difficult.
116 Any time.
117 Oh dear. I'm afraid I can't help you.
118 Hello again. Can I help you?
119 Yes, well, we have to make a living. Since the hydroponic farms aren't functioning, we have to buy food from the merchants, and bullets are the only thing we have to sell.
120 I could try to get the parts to fix the hydroponic farms.
121 Oh. Well, that's too bad.
122 Really? That would be wonderful! We're just missing a few parts, but I'm sure that if you could scrounge up the right pieces, we could be self-sufficient! Sammael might be able to give you some help.
123 Have you found the parts yet?
124 Yes, here they are.
125 Not yet, who did you say I should ask about them?
126 You'll need to talk to Sammael. You'll usually find him in a tent down by the farms during the day.
127 [Miles looks over the parts] Those are them, but it looks like Smitty is going to have to do a little work on them. Can you take them over to him?
128 I've got other things to deal with. Can you do it yourself?
129 Sure, I'll be back after he's fixed them.
130 Sure, I appreciate you finding them for us.
131 And . . .
132 Not a problem.
133 Oh. I almost forgot. Here is some stuff, for your trouble. [Miles hands you some caps and some stimpacks.]
134 Were you able to take the parts over to Smitty?
135 [Miles takes the fixed parts from you] Looks like Smitty did a great job on these. Thanks for the help, and here's some stuff for your trouble.
136 [Miles hands you some caps and some stimpacks.]
137 If you ever get back this way, you might want to look me and Smitty up. We might be able to help you out with some adjustments to some of your equipment. Smitty can work wonders with certain weapons, and I can help out with certain sorts of armor.
138 Looks like you found some Power Armor. I've heard of a chemical process that I could use to harden the surface of the armor. However, I'm missing some information which could give me the last few clues to the formula and reagents necessary. I've heard the Librarian in the Hub, Mrs. Stapleton, has some journals and books that might be of use. If you could get those from there, I could probably test the process on your armor.
139 Sounds good. I'll go talk to Mrs. Stapleton.
140 I got better things to do then fetch something else for you.
141 Well, if you ever change your mind, just go see Mrs. Stapleton and then head on back here.
142 Had a chance to get to the Hub yet and visit Mrs. Stapleton?
143 Yeah, here are the books.
144 Not yet.
145 [Miles takes the books from you, and starts flipping through them.] Hmmmm. Yes, hmmmm. [He mumbles to himself for a few more minutes.] Well, I think I can figure it out, but it will take a full day for the bonding to occur. Is that acceptable?
146 Not a problem.
147 Sorry, don't have the time.
148 Well, when you have the time, come back and I'll do the process on your armor.
149 [Miles takes your armor from you.]
150 [Miles hands your armor back to you, it seems to glint a little more than it did before.] Well, I think it worked! Hope it helps you out.
151 What happened to your power armor? I can only help you out if you have power armor.
152 Nice to see you, but I'm right in the middle of some research.

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