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100 You see an intense young man.
100 You see Mike, the Old Town guard.
101 You see Michael.
101 Yeah, whatta' you want?
102 Hello, I don't think I've seen you around here before. Can I help you with anything?
102 a...dum...um...
103 Hi again, what can I do for you?
103 I'm not from around here. What part of town is this?
104 Can you tell me a little bit about the Boneyard?
104 Do you know where I can find a Water Chip?
105 Who are you?
105 Um... Bye.
106 Why do you all live here?
106 Ha. Just another Junkie. Go crash somewhere else, Junkhead.
107 Nothing, thanks.
107 Yeah. You must be lost. Most people wouldn't be caught dead in this part of town. This is the Eastside, or some call it Old Town. The Wastes of the Wastes.
108 Sure. To the south is Adytum, over to the north-east you'll find the Gun Runners, but you'll have to get through the Deathclaws to get to them. To the west is the Followers of the Apocalypse, and to the Far South I've heard there is some kind of church.
108 Do you know where I can find a Water Chip?
109 I'm Michael. My wife, Christine, and I live here as Blades and help with what we can.
109 Thanks for the info. Bye.
110 It is not as bad as it seems. The Regulators and the Deathclaws can cause problems, but our leader, Razor, has helped us a great deal over the past months. And more recently, MacRae has been showing us how to protect ourselves better.
110 Water Chip? What are you? On dope? A chip made of water?
111 Thank you for helping us clean out the Regulators from Adytum. Here are is what we can spare to help you further on your travels.
111 Don't you be mouthing off to me, punk. Now I'm gonna have to put you in the ground.
112 It wasn't a problem. Thanks for the supplies.
112 I'm not from around here. What part of town am I in?
113 You are welcome, and keep the supplies for yourself.
114 I insist.
115 [Michael hands you some Stimpacks and some caps]
116 Hello again. Good luck in your travels.

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