Fallout MICHELLE Dialogue
100. You see Michelle.
103. You see a member of the Blades.
104. You see a member of the Blades.
105. You think that might be Books.
106. You think that might be Scars.
107. You think that might be Gunner.
108. You think that might be Twitch.
109. You think that might be Hammer.
110. You think that might be Razor.
111. What are you doing here?
112. Hhrrrnnn.
113. Nothing. Honest.
114. I'm just looking around.
115. This! *smack*
116. A moron. I think that you'd best get out of here. Otherwise, you may become target practice.
117. Arroo!
118. Arook.
119. Nothing, eh? I think you're hiding something. Out with it before you see your guts.
120. I'm really a Martian.
121. I'm here to stop the gang wars.
122. I'm not up to anything.
123. I'm up to THIS! *smack*
124. Everyone knows there are no such things as Martians. All real aliens are from Venus. Now, you die!
125. Sure, and I'm the Queen of Mexico.
126. Honest. I want to stop the wars so I can help Adytum.
127. Your Majesty, I truly seek to end the wars.
128. If your intelligence were greater, I would try to explain the benefits of peace.
129. If you're here to do that, then you'll need to try and find Razor. She'll let you know what we think of that.
130. Uh, thanks. I think.
131. Okay. Good bye.
132. Mock me, will you? I guess I should expect as much from a child. Oh, by the way. Here!
133. Fancy talk will only get you so far. Here, it will get you about six feet under.
134. If you are up to nothing, then we will put you up to something. I think 'target' makes a good something.
135. You looked. Now, what do you want? Think quick. It may mean the difference between walking out of here and becoming a permanent resident.
136. I'd like to live here.
137. I'm really a Ripper in disguise.
138. I want to bring peace to the gangs.
139. Leaving.
140. Nothing special. Just looking at the garbage to be recycled.
141. We never said anything about living. You would just reside here. Indefinitely. Enjoy your stay.
142. I'm glad you said that. I've been meaning to sharpen this.
143. Soon I will have a hide to sharpen it on.
144. Not so fast. The only way someone leaves here is if they are a Blade, or in a bag.
145. Then I want to be a Blade.
146. How big is this bag?
147. You forget the third option. Me!
148. Fat chance. But, he's a test. If you can find Razor, then you can talk to her about that.
149. Big enough to stuff your body parts in when we finish.
150. I am not Sleeping Beauty. I do not need to be awakened. Get out or die.
151. Hear you're out for the bastard's head. Give him an extra knife twist for me.

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