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100 You see General Maxson.
101 What's the Brotherhood really about?
102 I'll bet you know a lot of the history behind the Brotherhood.
103 Heard any good rumors?
104 I have some information to report.
105 That's all. Thanks.
106 Hello, youngster. Cabbot said you wanted to talk. Look I'm uh . . . I'm pretty stacked up right now, so I'll uh . . . I'll help you out as long as you don't start flappin' your gums too much. You know, outsiders are like that, always jawin' . . . Hehehe. Kinda like me, huh?
107 Outsiders? What do you mean by that?
108 How 'bout a few questions then?
109 I can't. I just moderate these endless damn meetings. There's four Elders, and me, you see? I break up fights and tie votes. Now, if all four vote to pick our noses while an army rolls in here and kicks our collective butt, there's not a helluva lot I can do about it.
110 Oh, well.
111 That stinks. Why don't you do something?
112 Tradition. It's hard to change our ways. Now, maybe if the Elders had some real info, they'd get off their brains and do something.
113 An Initiate not born here. You're the first Outsider we've let join in a long, long time. Well, near on twenty years now.
114 Why me?
115 I'm flattered. How about some of those questions now?
116 Because we need to do something. An army's gatherin', Hub-caravans are disappearin', and our scouts sure as hell ain't gettin' the job done. So the Elders actually did something once and figured the right Outsider might have something to offer. That Outsider is you... We hope.
117 What army?
118 What about these missing caravans?
119 Hmm. I guess there are some more things I need to ask then.
120 What's the problem with the scouts?
121 I have some info you might want.
122 When we heard about the missing caravans, we sent out a few scouts east and the north. The ones who went north never returned. One came back from the east. He talked about a score of strange beings, all muscle with burnin' eyes. The Elder's aren't doin' squat, but I'm getting ready just the same.
123 Twenty isn't an army. Why are you worried?
124 Sounds like your guy baked in the sun too long.
125 I'll do what I can.
126 Did he say where to the east?
127 I have some info you might want.
128 They may or may not be good scouts, but don't question the truthfulness of my men. We can revoke your Initiate status at any time.
129 Sounds like you need me more than I need you.
130 Sorry.
131 That's it. I warned the Elders that bringin' in an Outsider could be trouble. (shouting aside) Guards! There's an Initiate here who needs some quiet time to discover some manners.
132 You're an Outsider, but I expect you to learn our ways. I'll be watching. Now, ask your questions.
133 Good. Anything else you need to ask?
134 Deep in the mountains. He couldn't be more specific.
135 Too bad. Can I ask you a few more questions?
136 What about to the north?
137 Go ahead.
138 Yeah, Fire away.
139 Sure.
140 Shoot.
141 I got a gut feeling there's a small force in the east and a much bigger one in the north. The Elders are collecting dust because none of the scouts returned from the north. I can't do anything but watch.
142 Well, I'll do what I can.
143 Why don't you do something?
144 I think I'm in a bit over my head. Count me out.
145 I have some info on that.
146 Well the Merchants from the Hub told us a bunch of caravans disappeared on their way up north. I think there's an army in the mountains, but the Elders, well, they don't want to act until they're sure.
147 Where did they disappear?
148 Aren't you the High Elder? Why don't you do something?
149 Didn't you do anything?
150 I have some info on that.
151 The word I got was that the caravans disappeared around the southern tip of the mountains to the east. I imagine the Hub merchants can probably tell you more.
152 Thanks. I've got some more questions, if that's okay.
153 Thanks. I'll talk to you later.
154 I have some info on that.
155 See you around, Initiate. You're not so bad...for an Outsider.
156 Goodbye, Initiate.
157 Goodbye!
158 I grew up too isolated here. Can you imagine spending your whole life inside one small place, then having to go out into the world?
159 Well, as a matter a fact . . .
160 I guess I'm destined to be your scout, then.
161 So because they didn't get out, I get to do your dirty work. Forget it.
162 Then you understand the problem. To survive, we need someone who knows the outside. Like you.
163 Ok, I'll do it.
164 I've got my own problems. I pass.
165 Well . . . with what I guess is coming, we don't have time for anyone who's gonna . . . not contribute. Now, you either work with us, or you take a hike.
166 Well, if you put it that way, I'm in.
167 Looks like a nice day for a stroll.
168 Your choice. Hope you can live with it.
169 What? It's who we are and what we live for. It's ideals. As you spend more time with us, hopefully, you'll understand.
170 Yeah, but what do you actually do?
171 I'm not too sure about this.
172 Our main goal is to survive. The Scribes copy old plans for weapons or design new ones, and the Knights make the guns from 'em. Most guns come from us.
173 You trade the weapons to the Hub?
174 That's all you do?
175 Makes sense. There's a couple of other things I need to ask.
176 That's the way we get our supplies.
177 Okay, I get it. There's a couple of other things I need to ask.
178 Okay. I need to get going now, though.
179 Guess I'm not too sure about this.
180 All? It's damn important. It's critical to our survival.
181 Whatever. I need to ask a few more questions.
182 Yeah, well, it's stupid.
183 Ok, thanks. I really should be going now, though.
184 Then you need to get sure. Because being unsure is bound to get you killed.
185 The more I know, the more sure I'll be.
186 Look I don't have time for a story that long right now. Here. All of us grew up on this.
187 There's rumors concerning the missing caravans in the Hub, as well as the strange army brewing in the eastern mountains.
188 Ok.
189 What army?
190 What about these missing caravans?
191 I have some info on that.
192 I don't take stock in rumors.
193 Ahh . . . Hello again, Initiate. Are things going well?
194 Pretty good. Can I ask you a few more questions?
195 Well, actually, it sucks.
196 Yes, thanks, but I gotta go.
197 I'm sorry we're not what you're used to but you could show a little self-discipline.
198 Sorry. Can I ask you a few more questions?
199 Why? This place is a joke?
200 I have to get going. Bye.
201 What the hell do you want now?
202 I want to know why an idiot is in charge here.
203 I need to ask a few more questions.
204 Never mind, thanks.
205 Whaddya got?
206 Sorry, I didn't really have anything.
207 The Hub caravans are being taken by huge, green mutants. They're gathering an army.
208 There's a large army to the north controlled by someone called the Master.
209 You've seen 'em? This might actually get the Elders to do something. I'm gonna get on this, thanks!
210 Uh . . . What's he plan to do with this . . . army of his?
211 He plans to take over the Brotherhood, the Hub, Junktown . . . everyone.
212 How much you paying for this information?
213 Finally! Well this'll get the Elders off their butts. We'll fortify the Fortress and surprise those damn mutants.
214 No! You don't understand. They are turning people into mutants and adding them to their army.
215 Okay.
216 So?
217 So, by the time they get here, they'll be unstoppable. And they have advanced weapons, like yours. You don't stand a chance.
218 Well, okay. Maybe digging in is the right thing.
219 So what's your alternative?
220 Help me attack the Master's base. I know where it is.
221 Hmmm. Not a bad plan. Tell you what, let me go try and beat it into the Elders. No guarantees, but I'll try.
222 Then get out. I have work to do.
223 Pretty interesting set of priorities and loyalties you got there.
224 Loyal to me. 500 in Hub script. Take it or leave it.
225 Oh . . . yeah. Okay, I'll tell you. He plans to take over everyone and everything.
226 I'll take it. We need the information to save lives.
227 Pretty simple. He's changing humans into mutants and he's got advanced weapons. He plans to take over everything.
228 Well, if he does, hope you find a place to use your scripts.
229 Well, how about nothing! Guards, kick this fool out. By God! We'll defend the Brotherhood without your damn help.
230 What do you think you're doing? Put that down. Put it down now!
231 That's it. Guards! Take this idiot away!
232 Hey, hey, hey, hey! Hold on now. Stop that. Stop it right now!
233 Like I said...
234 I said...
235 I am not in the habit of repeating myself. So open your ears.
236 Look I told ya' already. It's not my fault if you didn't get it.
237 That's where you are. You want the long version, go talk to Vree.
238 Mathia's my assistant.
239 Oh, he's a good kid, even if he does want to be a Scribe.
240 Vree's the head Scribe. She's usually in the Library, she always likes to talk.
241 We keep weapon specs and history there.
242 Rhombo's been here a long time. A bit stiff, but a helluva soldier.
243 Hehehe. A fine, handsome, upstanding man. The High Elder position is to mediate the meetings between the Elders. You see, two years ago I got talked into it. If I'd of known then...
244 Well you see there's four of them and that's about all they can ever agree on. They can't even agree if they want to piss, much less pick a pot to piss in.
245 Well that's what you are. Initiates train and learn to become knights or scribes.
246 Well, Scribes copy down the weapon specs. We've got information all the way back to my granddad. Sometimes a scribe comes up with a new idea for a weapon. Hehehe. Doesn't happen too often. They all answer to Vree.
247 The Knights make the weapons. And when he's good enough, a Knight can advance to become a Paladin and then an Elder and so forth. Right now Rhombus is the head of the Knights.
248 Paladins are in charge of all security and outside activities. I remember tradin' with the Hub, goin' on scouting missions for the Elders. Ah man, those ware a good times.
249 The Hub's down to the southeast. They trade us food and things for the weapons we make here. Now if you're ever down there, you talk to Butch Harris.
250 Butch is the head of the Far Go Traders. He's a little slimy, but he's not a total waste. Unlike those Water Merchants. Bunch of damn vultures, all of 'em.
251 They're the main ones we trade with. Not totally trustworthy, but not as bad as the others.
252 You can't trust them. A few years ago, they offered us Water for a huge stockpile of weapons. We told them no, and you know what they did? Sent in thieves to steal the weapons! We caught 'em, but the Elders voted down going to the Hub to teach the merchants a lesson.
253 Holo discs? Hmm? I haven't seen those in a while.
254 Vree has it someplace in the Library.
255 Roger Maxson huh? Well he led our people here in the great Exodus, started the Brotherhood from scratch. Quite a leader.
256 Well that was when my granddad, Roger Maxson, led his soldiers here and started the Brotherhood. He never mentioned where they came from, but it doesn't really matter, 'cause...well, this is our home now.
257 Well I believe there's an army massing to the north and in the mountains to the east, but I don't have any way to prove it. The Elders, they won't even listen.
258 A bunch of religious whackos, if you ask me. I think their main church is in the Boneyard.
259 Well I don't know a lot. There's a bunch of gangs around there, as well as Adytum and the Children of the Cathedral. Not much else. It's pretty damn desolate.
260 Well, there's not much to tell. I never ran into any of them. I've heard they're a problem for the people of Adytum, though.
261 That's a settlement down in the Boneyard. I went there...oh...a long time ago. I was on a scouting mission for the Elders.
262 Oh. Just another stupid rumor. Some people say it's a huge fanged monster and others say it's a vampire.
263 Oh, I don't know anything about that.
264 What was that? No. I don't believe I've ever heard of it.
265 Hell if I know.
266 Surprised to see me? And let you have all the fun?
267 How did you convince the Elders?
268 Oh wasn't hard at all. I just calmly explained the situation. And bingo here we are. Lead on, my friend.
269 What are you doing in here? This is for Elders.
270 Sorry, I'll just leave.
271 I don't care, I'm staying.
272 Good, now shut the door on the way out.
273 I'm telling you, Do not interfere.
274 Ha! You forget. I used to teach this stuff.
275 Contrary to opinion, we don't want soldiers will no brains whatsoever.
276 Well, I suggest you talk to my assistant, Mathia, about that.
300 Maybe you can tell me? Everyone here seems to be on edge. It's like you are getting ready to go to war, but no one knows with who.
301 Do you have any clues as to what's behind the disappearance of the caravans?
302 I'll go scout out the area to the north and then report what I find.
303 For 500 caps, I'll check out what's going on up there.
304 For 1000 caps, I'll check out what's going on up north.
305 I'm not sure if I want to get involved right now.
306 Would it be possible for me to get a hold of some better weapons?
307 Just a few questions first.
308 No, I'll see you after I find out what's going on up there.
309 Ok, bye
310 How do you know that your scouts didn't desert?
311 I believe I have ran into these creatures you are describing. They are not to be taken lightly.
312 Please forgive me. What do you think is the cause of the disappearance?
313 Go ahead. Revoke it. See if I care.
314 Sorry, but it would be too risky for me to go up there right now.
315 Alright, I'll go, but can I get some better weapons first?
316 Ok, I'll do it for 1000 caps.
317 Take it or leave it.
318 Nevermind.
319 Ok, Ok, I'll do it for free.
320 Very well, I'll see you when I get back.
321 I have found proof that it is this army which is causing that disappearance of the caravans. It is an army of mutants. You have good reason to be worried. They look very formidable.
322 It's apparent that someone needs to go up there and check it out.
323 It's going to take more than a "gut feeling" to get me to risk my life by going up there.
324 I consider my life to be a fairly important priority.
325 I just don't think I am ready for the task.
326 I'm loyal to only one person.
327 I can.
328 Duh?
329 Why does it seem that everyone here is on edge? Everyone here seems to be on edge. It's like you are getting ready to go to war, but no one knows with who.
330 I need to talk to you about the disappearance of the caravans. Do you have any insight on the matter.
331 Nevermind.
332 I need to ask you some questions.
333 Duh?
334 I have some information on the area north of here.
335 Can I ask you some questions?
336 Nevermind.
337 Sorry, I didn't really have anything.
338 I saw their base. It's crawling with mutants.
339 I saw the mutant base to the north. They follow a leader they call the Master.
340 You can't play defense on this one Maxson.
341 Well, it's obvious something needs to be done. It would be best if we attack the mutants before they attack us. We're going to need the Elders on our side for this one.
342 I'm not quite sure what we should do about it right now. Let me gather some more information, and I'll get back to you.
343 He plans to take over any human settlements he can.
344 What can you tell me about the Brotherhood's history?
345 What is the Brotherhood's main purpose?
346 Who are the Elders?
347 Do you know anything about the Deathclaw?
348 Nevermind.
349 Can I ask you another question?
350 Thank you.
351 You gain
352 experience points for scouting the Northern area.
353 An Initiate not born here. You're the first Outsider we've let join in a long, long time. Well, near on twenty years now.
354 An Initiate not born here. You're the first Outsider we've let join in a long, long time. Well, near on twenty years now.
355 They may or may not be good scouts, but don't question the truthfulness of my men. We can revoke your Initiate status at any time.
356 They may or may not be good scouts, but don't question the truthfulness of my men. We can revoke your Initiate status at any time.
357 Goodbye, Initiate.
358 Goodbye, Initiate.
359 Ahh . . . Hello again, Initiate. Are things going well?
360 Ahh . . . Hello again, Initiate. Are things going well?
400 I've been to the Mutant base in the north. Let's just say they are no longer a threat.
980 Oh, I don't know anything about that.
981 What was that? No. I don't believe I've ever heard of it.
982 Hell if I know.
1000 Brotherhood
1001 Mathia
1002 Cabbot
1003 Vree
1004 Library
1005 Rhombus
1006 Elder
1007 Elders

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