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100 You see Dr. Solone, M.D.
101 You see Nurse Marney.
102 You see a doctor.
103 You see a nurse.
104 Welcome. How might I help you today?
105 Hurrgh.
106 I'm hurt. Can you fix me up?
107 Can you teach me about medicine?
108 Yes, I see that you are suffering from some damage. This may take some time. Would you like me to try to mend your wounds?
109 Uh huh.
110 Nuh uh.
111 Yes, please.
112 No, thank you.
113 There you go. That should have you all set. Please be more careful out there.
114 You're good at that. Can you teach me about trauma care?
115 Okay. Thank you.
116 I can teach you a little. But it will take several hours. Are you willing to stay?
117 Yes.
118 Sorry, too busy.
119 You are a very good student. I hope you remain on our side. Good bye.
120 As you wish. Good luck out there.
121 I can teach you a little, but not much. It will take some time. Are you willing to stay?
122 Yes.
123 I'm sorry, but I lack extra time.
124 You are an excellent student. Good luck to you.

It's a trap!

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