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100 You see Marcelles.
101 You see a tough-looking woman.
102 Thank god you're here! Some crazy guy has Sinthia held hostage. He's threatening to kill her! You've got to help.
103 Nah, don't bother me.
104 Hmm. I'll check it out.
105 Dung!
106 Oh, geez, I hope you can do it. He's in her room. Help her!
107 You are an incredibly cold person. She could die without your help.
108 Tough. That's life.
109 All right, don't harp on me. I'll look into it.
110 Help Sinthia. She's in trouble.
111 Thank you for helping Sinthia. She's usually not a problem. You deserve a good night's sleep. On me. But don't ask for another freebie.
112 Hnn. Thug.
113 Thanks.
114 No problem. Room #1. Follow me.
115 Enjoy your stay. Don't be a pain.
116 You should have saved Sinthia. It's your fault she died. I hope you are happy with yourself.
117 Yeah, whatever.
118 Hnnn.
119 Welcome to the Crash House. How can I help you, stranger?
120 I'm looking for some water.
121 I need a good night's sleep.
122 I'm looking for some info.
123 Hnnn.
124 Yeah, we serve your kind, too. It'll be $25 for the night. A week will cost you $150.
125 Nah.
126 Ahkay.
127 Ahkay. Weeeka.
128 Yeah, you too. Have a good day.
129 Okay, thanks. Your room is room #1. Follow me. Don't be shooting any guns in here, okay?
130 Have a good stay.
131 You need some money before I can rent you a room.
132 Then you should try the Skum Pitt. I heard you can get a lot of water in your booze there.
133 I don't know about that, but I will rent you a room. It's a good place to rest and heal up. $25 for a day, or a week is $150. Most people go for the weekly rate. You should, if you ask me.
134 Okay. A week.
135 Just one night.
136 No, thanks.
137 I'm just a hotel manager, bub. Don't ask too much of me.
138 Here's $50, tell me what you know.
139 I know you're $50 poorer. I don't do the gossip thing, okay? Come back if you want a room.
140 What do you think I am? A fool? If you're gonna bribe me, have enough money.
141 Welcome back, what can I do for you?
142 I want to rent a room.
143 Hnnn.
144 You're already renting room #1 from me. Do you want me to show you where it is?
145 Sure.
146 Nah.
147 Yah.
148 Nah.
149 And this is still your room. Have a good stay.
150 You know the drill. One day is $25. One week is $150.
151 Nah.
152 Da.
153 Wee.
154 Sure. It's $25 a day, or $150 for the entire week.
155 Okay. A week.
156 Just one night.
157 No, thanks.
158 Okay. Room #1 is yours. Have a nice stay.
159 Yeah, what do you want?
160 I want to rent a room.
161 Hnn.
162 No. Go away.
163 I don't like your face. I don't think I'll be renting you a room.
164 I really need a place to stay.
165 No. Have a good night.
166 Okay. One night. $100.
167 What! That's outrageous!
168 Okay.
169 Deal with it. Yes or no.
170 No.
171 Okay.
172 Good. Here you go. Room #1. Have a nice night, check out time is 11 o' clock.
173 You killed Killian, didn't you?
174 Yep, sure did.
175 Nah, wasn't me. Really it wasn't.
176 Hnn.
177 Get out! You're too dumb to realize what you did, but my life is hell now!
178 You son of a bitch. I can't believe you killed him. He was a good man, and now I get all sorts of hell . . . get out, and don't come back.
179 Yeah, whatever you say, but that's not what I heard. You'd better behave around here, or I'll get out ol' Betsy and ram some buckshot up your ass.
180 It's late. I hope you aren't wasting my time.
181 Hey! That fridge is for customers only!
182 No thanks.
183 Marcelles charges in to confront the raider!

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