Fallout MANAGER Dialogue
100. You see the Ghoul Manager.
101. Whatta you doing here?
102. Searching for the remains of the future past.
103. I'm an explorer.
104. What's it to you, wormface?.
105. Dug-duh.
106. Whad you say?
107. Nothing.
108. I'm looking for lost technology.
109. That's what I thought you say. Getta outta my house.
110. Oh nonna dat around here. Maybe uppa da temple or atta water place. Getta going.
111. Ack! Donna you be exploring any my stuff. Getta out! I mean it.
112. Donna be in my face, likka dat. I runna dis show.
113. Oh, yeah.
114. I'm gonna takea thata face of yours and shove it upa yer . . .
115. Ack! OK, I concede. I leave.
116. You no biggie to order me like dat. Take some of dis and shove it!
117. I don wanna talk to you.
118. What are you?
119. I'm a ghoul. Haven't you ever seen a ghoul before?
120. Yes.
121. No.
122. Musta been a pansie undergrounder. They letta you live so's you could pester me. Now getta outta my house.
123. Well now you have. Getta outta here!

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