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250+ (250 Max) Results For LT.MSG
100 You see a Vault dweller.
100 There seems to be a lock on this door.
100 You see the Lieutenant of the Master's army.
101 I can't believe that you betrayed us!
101 The door is already unlocked.
101 Now what do we have here? I've been told you wish to divulge information of the utmost importance. I do hope so.
102 Traitor!
102 Those are inadequate for the job.
102 Uh, yeah.
103 I hate you. Why did you ever come back?!
103 You bypass the electronic lock.
103 Not to someone as ugly as you.
104 I hope you choke on your vileness!
104 You failed to bypass the electronic lock.
104 On one condition.
105 Doh!
106 An insult. How droll. I'd define that word for you, but that would be a waste, wouldn't it. Let's get to your two choices: You can tell me what I want to know. Or I can do it . . . my way.
107 I'll take 'none of the above.'
108 Okay, but on one condition.
109 Thank you for saving us.
109 All right, I'll tell you. It's on the other side of the mountains, far to the north. You'll find it near a strange, half-dome type rock . . . Now, what do I get?
110 I was a little unsure that you could do it, but I trust you now.
110 I don't believe I offered. But I will give you my thanks for telling me where your Vault is. I'm sure the Master will be . . . ever so grateful.
111 Thank you! Thank you!
111 How nice for us both. Now, if you please, the location of your Vault.
112 You are a hero. My little boy wants to be just like you when he grows up. I don't know if I like that.
112 It's uh . . . it's uh . . .
113 You are a heroine. My little girl wants to be just like you when she grows up. I don't know if I like that.
113 On one condition, pal.
114 You are a swell guy!
114 Fooled ya, didn't I? I'll never tell you!
115 You are a swell gal!
115 Okay, okay! Just don't kill me! I'll tell you everything I know!
116 Are you sure you need that in here?
116 Conditions? How delightful. Go ahead, amuse me with your . . . condition.
117 That's a weapon!
117 I want to go free.
118 Have you actually used that against someone?
118 Put a bag over your head so I can stand being in your presence.
119 Why do you think it is necessary to carry a weapon in here?
119 I want to be able to ask you some questions first.
120 It's good to see you again.
120 What a splendid sense of humor. Pity I don't have one. So . . . the location of your Vault, if you please.
121 I'm glad you are doing well.
121 All right, but can I ask you some questions first?
122 You look OK to me. All those rumors must be untrue.
122 I'm not telling and you can't make me.
123 Hi
123 It's uh . . . it's uh . . .
124 . Keep up the good work.
124 Why certainly, my dear human. I'm curious just to see what you'll ask.
125 I hope everything is going well out there. We sure could use the water.
125 What is it you do here?
126 We are starting to run out of water. This is terrible!
126 Who do you work for?
127 Please hurry and find that chip. We need you.
127 What do you want me for?
128 I'm glad you are doing well. Keep up the good work.
128 How about I just leave now.
129 I hate to say this, but if you don't find the water chip soon, we're all going to die.
129 My dear human, this is the great procreator! Here we'll make others of the master race and insure the Unity. It's all quite glorious, I assure you.
130 My little one is always crying in the middle of the night for a drink of water and I can't give her anything.
130 Tell me about the Unity.
131 We're not going to make it, are we?
131 Sounds like it. Why do you need all this to, uh, procreate?
132 The water rations are coming to an end.
132 So, who's in charge?
133 The hydroponics section has closed down now. It means our food supply is running out.
133 Presently, there is a slight . . . problem in the reproductive process. It's being attended to. For now, we must use the Vats to turn humans into Super Mutants. You'll experience that glory yourself momentarily.
134 Hmm. You still look human to me. It can't be all that bad outside.
134 Oh, goody. A few more questions before I . . . glow?
135 Hi
135 How could I possibly refuse a request phrased like that?
136 .
136 Certainly. We have all the time in the world . . . Trust me.
137 I hope you are doing well on your quest.
137 The Unity is our goal. It is quite simple, really. Certainly, even you have noticed the steady downhill slide of civilization?
138 See you around.
138 Well ,yeah, but . . .
139 Have you talked to the Overseer recently?
139 The Super Mutant is the next advancement in human evolution. To save the world, we will convert all the worthy individuals. Simple, efficient, glorious.
140 The Overseer is very concerned about the status of your mission.
140 So you're making everyone into big, green, ugly mutants to save the world?
141 You need to hurry. We can't afford any failure on your part.
141 How are you more advanced?
142 I hope you are doing the best you can.
142 But there's no choice involved.
143 This is no time to rest, get back out there.
143 Your human mind is rather under-equipped to handle this, so a simple yes will suffice for now. Soon everyone in the world will be converted, and peace will reign.
144 This isn't what you are supposed to be doing, is it?
144 But what about free will?
145 We're going to die, and it's your fault.
145 You're telling me there will be no war?
146 Don't just stand here, get back out there! Now!
146 Did you make the choice to be born into this ash covered world? We, the Super Mutants, are the best prepared for the world to come. What is free choice compared to life?
147 If we die, it will be your fault.
147 Debatable point. But how are you more prepared than normal humans?
148 The outside has corrupted you, hasn't it?
148 But it's evil to force people to live your way!.
149 Just leave me alone.
149 Intuitively obvious to the most casual observer. We are highly intelligent and immune to disease. The strong survive! It is our goal to improve the human race.
150 I think you should leave me and my family alone,
150 Pretty lofty goal. How are you made like this?
151 . It would be for the best.
151 Ahh, the wonders of technology. Before the war, the human scientists made a chem called FEV. It was designed to make the perfect human.
152 You should be ashamed of yourself.
152 So you're the perfect human?
153 And to think that I used to like you.
153 Better. More than human. I, too, was once human. Like you, I was a slug, wallowing in the mud before being exposed to FEV and undergoing my glorious transformation.
154 The Vault dweller refuses to talk to you.
154 So you're planning on dipping everyone in this FEV?
155 An empty stare meets your request to talk.
155 Exactly. Now you see.
156 I regret that we picked you to go outside.
156 Uh, sure I do. Can I ask you a few more questions?
157 The water is foul, but your company is worse.
157 But it's wrong!
158 Go away. Just leave. You can redeem yourself by finding that water chip.
158 Oh, how disappointing. I'd so hoped you would see the light before . . . Well, when you are one of us, I'm certain you'll understand. Then you'll embrace the Unity.
159 I hope you are satisfied.
159 Never! It's evil. Evil, I tell you!
160 The Vault dweller refuses to talk to you.
160 Maybe. Can I ask you a few more questions first?
161 You caused this! You probably broke the water chip in the first place, too!
161 No war and no sickness. All Super Mutants are bound by the Unity. We are the hope for the world.
162 I hate you. I really, really hate you.
162 Sounds delusional to me.
163 The Vault dweller just sobs great big tears.
163 How are you the hope of the world?
164 Your request to talk is met by a cold stare.
164 We all work for the Master to uphold the glory of the Unity. He was the first, you see.
165 Thank you.
165 How did you come to work for him?
166 It's late. Come back some other time.
166 What's the Unity?
167 Fate. Luck of the draw. I was the strongest of my batch to be dipped in the virus, and I have always supported the ideals of the Unity and the Master, for he is right. And for my devotion, I have been rewarded.
168 What virus?
169 So what's this Master like?
170 Before the war, the humans made a virus called FEV to create the perfect man. They were successful, as you can plainly see. The Master has been the first to truly utilize the FEV to its full potential.
171 So where is this Master?
172 How does it work?
173 He's busy with the Children of the Cathedral. They actually consider us gods. But then, who can blame them.
174 My, aren't we conceited?
175 You think you're gods?
176 Is honesty conceit? We're the next step in evolution. Through our Unity, the world will survive. Where is the conceit in that?
177 How about inside that grotesque head of yours?
178 Well, whatever you say. Can I ask you a few more questions?
179 Of course not. We are simply the future.
180 I don't believe you.
181 Before the future comes, there're a couple of other things I'm curious about.
182 Oh, I suspect that's far above your ability to comprehend. But not to worry. Soon your eyes will be opened to a whole new life.
183 What do you mean!?
184 Before that happens, there's a couple of other things that I'm curious about.
185 [The Lieutenant sighs.] Haven't you figured it out yet? You're a prime normal. Soon you'll be one of us.
186 How does 'no way' sound?
187 Before I become a dip like you, there's a couple of other things that I'm curious about.
188 Why am I a prime human ?
189 Go ahead, ask your questions. We are in no hurry.
190 He was our guide to the life-giving virus, and he is Father to us all. And he so wants to meet you. I hope you're honored.
191 Uh . . . okay. What about that virus? What is it?
192 Before bestowing this honor, how about answering more questions?
193 Where is he?
194 The FEV was mutated by the war radiation. Those living in this desolate wasteland have been exposed to this mutant FEV, essentially inoculating them from the full effects.
195 So?
196 So you need those who are uncontaminated in order to make Super Mutants?
197 So, you're from a Vault and have limited exposure to this mutated virus. The original FEV in the Vats should work quite well on you.
198 And how do you know this?
199 We have done extensive experiments on humans to reach this conclusion. My master has been searching for unopened Vaults to prove his theories. And now you've come along. How thoughtful of you.
200 You won't find it.
201 Well before that happens, there's a couple of other things that I'm curious about.
202 Oh, my, you are brighter than I thought. Now you know why we need your Vault.
203 Too bad you won't get it.
204 It's a big Vault. How about some more small answers first?
205 Going? I believe . . . let me check . . . Why, yes, I almost laughed! How wonderfully humorous. The only place you're going is the Vat. But first, you'll tell me where your Vault is.
206 I hope you can take rejection.
207 We shall see, won't we?
208 Oddly enough, I do believe you do not intend to tell me. We'll have to correct that!
209 Feel better now? Since torture is such a crass, yet oddly satisfying and effective technique, I'll ask you once more nicely. Where . . . is . . . the Vault!
210 I'm. Not. Telling.
211 You win. It's across the mountains to the west. I'll draw you a map.
212 I rather hoped you'd say that.
213 How was that? In a more . . . chatty mood? Now where were we? Oh, of course . . . the Vault.
214 It's . . . it's . . . in your dreams.
215 You win. It's across the mountains to the west. I'll draw you a map.
216 Ah, I feel much better. And you? . . . Now, be a good little human and tell me where your Vault is. This is getting most tedious.
217 Go to hell.
218 I'll tell! Just don't hurt me anymore!
219 I do so admire your will. Guards, take him back to his cell and get him ready for dipping. He'll tell us where his Vault is when he is one of us.
220 If you're so sure I'll tell after dipping, then why all of this?
221 Well, you see, there is this minor drawback. Sometimes, not always, a person's memory is, um . . . how shall we say, interrupted by dipping. So there is a small chance you'll forget the location.
222 So you can't afford to dip me.
223 Looks like we're both screwed.
224 Unfortunately, at this point, I have to take the chance. I do need that information.
225 I'll tell.
226 You'd better hope I forget. Because if I remember any of this, your ass is mine.
227 Excellent. I believe you understand. So you're sure you want to tell where the Vault is? Torture can be so enjoyable.
228 Yes, I'm sure.
229 Now that you mention it, no.
230 Can I ask you a few questions first?
231 I thought you might see it my way. No second thoughts?
232 I'll tell you everything.
233 Yes, I changed my mind and I'll never tell.
234 Can I ask you a few questions, first?
235 Oh, this is excellent. You know, I actually doubted my officers when they said they'd captured a prime normal. It is so nice to see you.
236 Go to hell.
237 What do you want with me?
238 Duh!
239 Yes, you do have a way with words, don't you. And words are what we want, before . . .
240 What do you mean 'before?'
241 You won't get anything from me!
242 Why, when you become one of us, of course! I can't have a perfectly good prime normal and not make it one of the Chosen Ones, now can I? After you tell me where your Vault is.
243 Tell you? You're almost funny.
244 On one condition.
245 Oh, how commendable. Enough foolishness. Where is your Vault?
246 I'm not telling.
247 Well . . . on one condition.
248 Well, I'm quite impressed. My spies told me you were resourceful but they seemed to have underestimated your talents. Guards, capture her!
249 Ahh, had a nice nap? I do hope so. But now it's time to get down to business.
250 Go to hell.
251 What do you want with me?
252 The mind simply boggles at your intellect. Why the legions haven't bowed down at your feet by now, I'll never understand. Guards, take this idiot away!
253 As I said . . .
254 Like I told you before . . .
255 Please listen closely this time. I said . . .
256 I told you . . .
257 You know, you remind me of a cockroach I once owned. I crushed it because I was annoyed with its scurrying little noises. Remember that.
258 You're an annoying little human, aren't you? I'm not going to repeat it again.
259 The Unity is the goal of all Super Mutants. Through the FEV virus, we will bring all of humanity together in peace.
260 The FEV virus was discovered by the Master many years ago. It is what makes us the Chosen Ones. But you will soon learn that, I assure you.
261 The Master is father to us all.
262 Nothing but a device to further our plans. No matter, all humans will be Chosen . . . or dead.
263 The Vats are where the FEV is stored, and where you normals become one of us. Of course, some die horrible, excruciatingly painful deaths, but well, those are the breaks.
264 They are humans who have not been exposed to radiation. They tend to fare better in the Vats than others. You are a perfect example of this.
265 They were constructed before the war. They are also our main source of Prime Normals.
266 Morpheus. It's quite amusing. He thinks he's so much more than just a slug the Master recruited to head his Children of the Cathedral nonsense. Ah, well. He, too, will be dipped in the Vats and he'll probably die a horrible death . . . I hope.
267 That's not important right now.
268 That question is irrelevant to the Unity.
269 I won't even dignify that with an answer.
270 Well, I'm quite impressed. My spies told me you were resourceful, but they seemed to have underestimated your talents. Guards, capture him!
271 Oh, I do so admire your will. Guards, take her away and prepare her for the dipping. She'll tell us where her Vault is when she is one of us.
272 I do so admire your will. Guards, take him to his cell and prepare him for the dipping. He'll tell us where his Vault is when he is one of us.
980 That's not important right now.
981 That question is irrelevant to the Unity.
982 I won't even dignify that with an answer.
1000 Unity
1001 FEV
1002 Master
1003 Cathedral
1004 Vats
1005 Normals

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