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100 You see a young woman with dark hair.
101 You see Lorraine, a Scav from Adytum.
102 Hi. Are you new here?
103 Yeah. Can you fill me in a little?
104 Yes, I am. I'm called
105 .
106 Whuuu?
107 I suppose. What do you need to know about?
108 Who are you?
109 Can you give me some information about the Boneyard?
110 Tell me a bit about the other residents of Adytum.
111 What do you do for a living?
112 Never mind, thanks.
113 I'm Lorraine.
114 Can I ask you a few questions?
115 I'm a Scav. I work with Sammael to collect stuff from the ruins, so that we can use it to build or trade.
116 Why doesn't everybody here do that?
117 How many Scavs are there?
118 Can I ask you about something different?
119 Nice talking to you.
120 Well you got the Deathclaws out there, plus the Regulators take a percentage off the top, plus some for protection here in Adytum. Guess people don't have the upfront cash, or the guts to stare a Deathclaw in the eye.
121 What's the deal with the Regulators?
122 How do you avoid the Deathclaws?
123 Can I ask you about some other stuff?
124 Thanks. Bye.
125 Oh, there's half a dozen of us. Sammael was the first one, and he's still the best.
126 Can I ask you about some other stuff?
127 Interesting. Thanks.
128 They keep the peace around here, and control all the money coming in and going out. The rest of the people here pretty much work for the Regulators, and that ain't the most forgiving job. Many of them don't ever see beyond the fence that surrounds this place.
129 All that makes you wonder what Julianna was thinking.
130 What do you mean about Julianna?
131 Very nasty. Can I ask some other things?
132 Thanks for the warning.
133 Oh, she wound up falling for some Blade a while ago. Poor dear can't leave the town, of course, and Caleb would kill the young lad on sight. Very tragic.
134 Uh . . . if you say so.
135 Can I ask some other questions?
136 Hmm. Thanks for filling me in. Bye.
137 We only scavenge after dark. And we're very good at what we do. Sammael's got a little test that he likes to throw out at people, before he lets them become Scavs.
138 What's the test?
139 Still sounds dangerous.
140 I see. Mind if we back up a bit?
141 Interesting. Bye.
142 Sammael has the person hide somewhere within Adytum during the day. If he can't find the student in an hour, then he lets the person join the next scavenger party.
143 What a stupid system!
144 Seems to work. You're still alive.
145 Huh. Can I ask you about some other things?
146 Interesting. Bye.
147 Come now, isn't there the faintest trace of a romantic in you? Really, it's too bad. Unrequited love and all of that. Tragic.
148 Hmpf. Shows what you know. Tell that to Sammael. If you can find him.
149 Yes, although it can be rough. It's very dangerous, especially if you're caught.
150 No doubt. Can I ask about something else?
151 Thanks for the info.
152 Wow, I think you're a little beyond my help.
153 This used to be a big city, called Los Angeles. But the bombs hit really hard. Now, there's just the Angel's Boneyard. We Adytowners are just trying to survive in the wreckage.
154 Can you tell me more about Los Angeles?
155 I see. Thanks.
156 Lots of people lived here. From what I hear, the survivors hid in a big place called a Vault, and came out years later. Some of them started the Regulators and then founded Adytum, while the
157 others formed the Blades. The Gun Runners aren't from here originally.
158 Where is this Vault?
159 What's the deal with the Regulators?
160 Where are the Gun Runners from?
162 Thanks for your help.
163 Well, supposedly it was somewhere south of here, but I don't know really. I think everyone left because it was broken.
164 Can I ask you some more questions?
165 Hmm. Thanks.
166 I'm not really sure. I think they came from somewhere up north of here.
167 What do you know abou the Regulators?
168 Can I ask about some other things?
169 Thanks for the information.
170 Who do you want to know about?
171 Jon Zimmerman.
172 Caleb.
173 Miles.
174 Tine.
175 Smitty.
176 Nobody.
177 Zimmerman watches over our town. He makes sure that everyone gets fed, and that everybody has a job to do.
178 Caleb is the leader of the Regulators. It's his job to protect Adytum. He seems to enjoy it a litte more than he should.
179 Ah, our resident chemist. Miles makes bullets, and he also built the water distiller that makes sure we get clean water from the well. He's working on an underground farm right now, but he's missing some parts.
180 Tine runs the shop. It's in the bunker near the gate. He trades with the Hub merchants for us.
181 Hmm. Smitty is a tinker of sorts. He's good at repair work. He casts bullets and fixes broken stuff around town.
182 Can I ask about someone else?
183 Can we talk about a different subject?

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