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100 You see a shifty looking character.
101 Pssst! Come 'ere.
102 So'a, whatcha doin' in the Hub?
103 I don't really see where that is any of your business.
104 Why?
105 Looking for something that I need.
106 Where my Mommie?!?
107 Not really sure big fella. I'll see ya around.
108 Ahh.
109 No sweat off my back. Just seein' if I could be neighborly like. [Lemmy turns away]
110 Well, you look like a businessman. And I'm a businessman, and I thought we could, ah, discuss, ah, business.
111 Well, what do you do around here?
112 I think I'm just going to give you the business!
113 I don't think I want to have anything to do with your "business".
114 Well, we all got needs. I might be able to help with some of 'em. So what sort of needs do you got?
115 Well, I'm really looking for a Water Chip. I need to get one back to my people.
116 Needs, huh? I understand needs, but what might you know about satiating these needs?
117 I have need of some information.
118 I certainly don't need anything you might be talking about.
119 I do a little bit of this, and a little bit of that. I get things and information for people, whatever they might need or be lookin' for.
120 Well, I do need some things.
121 Anything you can tell me about specifically?
122 I'm looking for a Water Chip. You wouldn't happen to have one, would you?
123 I'll see you later.
124 Water Chip, hmmmm. Don't think I've heard of one of those things. If I's was you, I'd try the Water Merchants. They got a grip on all the water around here.
125 So what do you do around here?
126 So what else might you know about?
127 Thanks for the information.
128 Not a problem. If there's anything else you might be wanting, you come and talk to Lemmy first.
129 So, you're lookin' for information, huh? Being a respectable businessman, I gots overhead, so I'll need a few caps to tell you what you need to know. Now that we got that straight, whattcha' wanna' know about?
130 So, you think I might know a little more about those Water Chip things, huh? Well, you might be right. It's gonna' cost you, though. I think 500 bottle caps oughta' do it.
131 Alright, what's the info?
132 I'll give you 400 instead.
133 I think you need to tell me, right now, and without the freakin' caps!
134 Too rich for my blood.
135 Now, now. I wouldn't be the man I am if I gave information away for less than it's worth. Come back when you've got the caps.
136 Trying to intimidate poor old Lemmy, huh? Well, I's not afraid of the likes of you. I'll just be seein' you around.
137 [Lemmy takes your money]
138 Well, that's fair enough. I'll take that instead.
139 Ok, Ok, Ok, see I was just kidding about paying for the info. Good joke, huh?
140 Well, so here's what I know about the Water Chips. The thing I've heard is that they all used to come from the Vaults. So if I was lookin' for one, I'd find out where the rest of these Vaults were. I'm not sure where all the Vaults are exactly, but I've heard that there are about 4 around here somewhere's.
141 I want to ask you a few more questions.
142 Thanks.
143 Sure, what else do you want to know about?
144 Anything you know about Water Chips that you can tell me?
145 What do you know about Decker?
146 Do you know anything about the missing caravans?
147 Well, I'm looking for a certain commodity, if you know what I mean.
148 Nothing right now.
149 Now, normally I don't mind selling information, but you're not gonna' get anything outta' Lemmy about Mr. Decker.
150 Ok, but can I ask you about some other things?
151 Thanks.
152 Missing caravans, huh? Well, I might be knowin' a bit about those. It's gonna cost you 300 caps, though.
153 Alright, what do you know?
154 I'll give you 240.
155 I think you need to tell me, right now, and without the freakin' caps!
156 Too rich for my blood.
157 Well, I'm not really that sure, but what I's heard is that it ain't what everybody thinks. Some new guy is getting into the action with some kind of mutants or something. But don't quote me on that.
158 Figures. Is there anything I can quote you on, Lemmy?
159 Can I ask you another question?
160 Thanks.
161 Now, you might be insinuating that Lemmy ain't a stand-up guy. Well, you's right. But Lemmy is an ALIVE type of guy.
162 Ok, forget about it. Can I ask you another question?
163 Well, I'm going to make you a lying down and not breathing type of guy!
164 Forget about it. See ya'.
165 Stuff for needs, huh? Well, I knows a guy over in Old Town that can probably fix you up with some stuff like that. But you know what? He needs to know who you are before you show up at his doorstep.
166 Let me guess. This "invite" is going to "costs" me?
167 I can see where this is going. I'll find him on my own.
168 Exactly. So I'm thinking... only for you of course... 1000 caps so youse can talks to this guy without him blowing your head off first.
169 Alright, I'll pay your price.
170 How about 800 caps instead?
171 Because you like me so much Lemmy, why don't you just do it for free? [As you flex your muscles]
172 Can't afford that.
173 Well, what you gotta' do is find your way over to Old Town. Over there is a guy named Vance. Just talk to him. Like I said, I'll let him know you're coming.
174 You're all heart. Can I ask you a few more things?
175 Thanks.
176 Sorry man, got things to do. Nice chattin' with you, though.
177 Well, you've come back to talk to your old firend Lemmy, huh? What's it I can help you with?

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