Fallout LARYKNIG Dialogue
100. You see a Knight.
101. Hello Initiate. I'm Larry, how may I help you?
102. Vree said you could show me a laser pistol?
103. Vree said you could give me a laser pistol.
104. Ug.
105. Uh, okay...
106. Uh, yea. These things are great. It's range is... well, as far as you can see. (Larry continues to talk for what seems like hours, but you seem to pick a few things up about the use of energy weapons.)
107. Huh? But she knows these aren't ready yet... Oh, she must have meant show. Yea, I can show you. You see it runs off of energy cells that are constructed out of... (Larry goes on for what seems hours but you seem to pick a few things up about energy weapons.)
108. Sure she did. I think you should leave outsider.
109. I don't like liars, please leave.
200. This isn't right at all.
201. There we go.
202. The firing mechanism keeps jamming.
203. That's much better.
204. Almost got it.
205. This is going to take a while.
206. That's the problem!
207. John, I think I isolated the problem.
208. Damn!
209. Darn!
210. My fault!
211. I'm okay.
212. Okay, that hurt.
213. I meant to do that.
214. Why does that keep happening?
215. My eyes!
216. You're not a knight.
217. I need to talk to a knight.
218. I don't understand, the power cells keep shorting out.
219. You should stand back these can be dangerous.
220. Please don't distract me.
221. Watch where you're standing.
222. You lost?
223. Sorry, I can't talk right now.
300. Energy Weapons increases 5%.

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