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100 You see a weary traveler.
101 You see Lance, one of the guards from Shady Sands' long-range patrols.
102 Just stay where you are. We've heard about you in Shady Sands and we want no part of you.
103 The only part of you that I want is what you're carrying. Strip down.
104 I'm a man of peace, friend.
105 Hey, didn't I save Tandi and kill off all your radscorpions?
106 I have no quarrel with Shady Sands. I kinda like the place.
107 Herung?
108 I heard about you, and I ain't letting you kill me.
109 I don't have anything to say to you.
110 Yeah? What d'ya want this time?
111 Would you know where I could find a water chip?
112 Any sign of Tandi?
113 Any problems with raiders lately?
114 How are things in Shady Sands?
115 Hnng!
116 Hello, stranger. What brings you out in the wastes? Where are you from?
117 I could ask the same thing about you.
118 Sorry friend, but I get the impression that's a rather dangerous question to answer.
119 Know any place good to get supplies?
120 I'm from a Vault. Lucky Vault 13!
121 Waaah?
122 Hello, stranger. I'd recommend that you keep on moving, if you know what's good for you.
123 Hello,
124 . I thought you were our friend when you rescued Tandi, but now I hear some real nasty rumors about you. Are they true?
125 People say all sorts of things. Who cares?
126 I ain't your friend. And if you make a wrong move, I'll spill your innards. You got that?
127 What kind of rumors?
128 Yeah. They're all true. Now strip down so I can take what you've got.
129 Maybe I've done a few things I regret, but you should know better than believing that crap.
130 . Am I glad it's you and not some raider! How's it going! I'm Lance, one of the guards over in Shady Sands. Sorry we gave you such a hard time when you first came to town!
131 Hi Lance, what's up?
132 Hi Lance. I used to be a nice person, but then life screwed me. Now strip down and hand over your stuff.
133 Don't sweat it, Lance. What are you doing out here alone?
134 Fine. But I'll remember this.
135 Up yours.
136 Spare me the idle threats, boy. I kill children like you in my sleep. Hand over your belongings, and I may let you live.
137 If you really think I'm a threat, go ahead and kill me.
138 Let's make a wrong move. I always wanted to see what my innards look like.
139 That was then, this is now. What have you done for us lately? I think you better leave before I get ornery.
140 We like it too. Especially when you're not in it. Now get!
141 Man, you musta spent too much time in the Glow!
142 I don't know what a water chip is. Sorry.
143 It's an electronic device used in water purification systems.
144 How's the radscorpion problem?
145 The raiders got her. I'm part of one of the search parties. I think she's at the raider camp south of Shady Sands, but the Khans have the place sealed up like a fortress.
146 Can you take me to Shady Sands?
147 Can you take me to the Khans?
148 We'll have to find a way to get her back.
149 Thanks for the information. Good luck with the search.
150 Uh, yeah, but we're handling it a little better since the Khans got their bloody nose. I understand we have you to thank for that. We're grateful.
151 I wouldn't mind seeing a little gratitude.
152 Thanks. Anything else I can do?
153 Let me know if they bother you again.
154 We're doing okay.
155 Are you sure about that?
156 That's great.
157 I haven't a clue. Idiot.
158 Okay, I'll trust you. I'm from Shady Sands. We're a community not far from here.
159 Could you take me there?
160 What's the town like?
161 Any water chips there?
162 Sounds like a nice place.
163 Well, you keep your secrets, I'll keep mine. Good bye.
164 Maybe it is. A pity, though.
165 I've been to Junktown. I think it's southwest of here, but I've been traveling for so many days it's hard to tell.
166 Yeah, right. All the Vaults were destroyed, as far as I know. Tell me another one.
167 That's not what I was asking . . . oh, never mind!
168 That's not an answer. They call you assassin, thief, grave-robber. They say you'll kill anyone who gets in your path. Is it true?
169 Well, I haven't killed you yet, so obviously someone's lying.
170 Pretty much. I've had my share of good times.
171 I've made my share of enemies. I've left enough of them alive to slander me.
172 I've killed quite a few people, yeah. I always had a reason.
173 They call you assassin, thief, grave-robber. They say you'll kill anyone who gets in your path. Is it true?
174 Okay, I'll do it. But if you keep acting like a raider, you'll die like a raider.
175 I'll give you the benefit of the doubt, for now. But a man's only as good as his reputation, and yours could use some work. I hope you'll do something about it before we meet again.
176 Just heading back to town. You wanna come along? I could use the company.
177 Sure.
178 Not today.
179 A little bit of scavenging. We've found a few abandoned raider bases that haven't been picked clean; I suspect they've been attacking each other. We can always use more ammo and chems.
180 I'm going to regret this.
181 Get out of my sight before I come to my senses.
182 We're still seeing a few; they must be migrating from the high desert or the Glow. But it's a lot better now than it was last year, thanks to you.
183 Sounds good. Bye.
184 Sure. Let's go.
185 Man, I must be out of my mind. But I'll take you. Let's go.
186 Have a good suicide, friend. And for what it's worth, good luck.
187 I'm heading out. You take care of yourself.
188 Well, I don't have much, but what's mine is yours.
189 Not that I can think of. I'm heading out. You take care of yourself.
190 We will. I'm heading out. You take care of yourself.
191 Well, okay. Let's go.
192 I won't lead a possible enemy home. If you do make your way to Shady Sands, keep your nose clean.
193 Small. We make our living herding Brahmin. It's pretty rough country around here, and pasture land is rather precious.
194 In a Brahmin herding backwater? You've gotta be crazy! There's probably not a working piece of electronics within two hundred miles.
195 You got a point. I think we should play things cautious and go our separate ways. If I were you, I'd do something about those stories. Unless you like people hating and mistrusting you.
196 I should kill you right now. You cross my path again, and I will. Now get.
197 Let's go.
198 Let me guess, someone told you about my snoring. Oh well. You take care of yourself.
199 It is. Well, I'm heading out. You take care of yourself.
200 Just you stay where you are. I don't know if you're in league with those mutants, but if you are, I'll kill you.
201 What mutants?
202 Who are you?
203 What happened to you?
204 Okay, that's cool.
205 Ru-huh?
206 The mutants overran Shady Sands. Must of use are dead. I guess it's only a matter of time before they get the rest of us.
207 I don't care what you say, what you ask. We're all dead! All of us! And I thought the raiders and the rad scorpions were bad . . . they were nothing! Ha! Ha ha ha!
208 Shut up! I don't feel like talking! Talking accomplishes nothing! Talking just bores the hell out of me . . .

Soon will I rest, yes, forever sleep. Earned it I have. Twilight is upon me, soon night must fall.

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