Fallout KYLE.MSG Dialogue
100. You see Kyle.
101. You see a Knight.
102. Ahh...So you're the one, huh?
103. What?
104. Well, who are you?
105. Nothing. It's just that no one has ever made it back from the Ancient Order.
106. What do you do here?
107. What? Then why did they send me down there?
108. It was difficult, but not impossible.
109. Heh, heh. I guess they just wanted to get rid of ya, huh? Well, the jokes on them.
110. Yeah. Say, what do you do here?
111. Well, the only reason I joined was to get some power armor.
112. Screw all you guys. I'm leaving.
113. I fix stuff, run maintenance checks, that sort of crap.
114. Could you fix a water chip?
115. What kind of "stuff"?
116. That sounds like a real good time. I'll see ya later.
117. Power armor and anything else that needs fixin'.
118. How can I get my hands on some power armor?
119. I'd give ya this power armor right here, but it's missing it's Systolic Motivator. It's useless without it.
120. Where could someone get one of those?
121. Well, thanks anyway.
122. Well, they've got more than enough up in the supply room, but Michael and his damn forms say that this particular suit isn't up to specs. Damn bureaucrats.
123. What do you mean, not up to specs?
124. So if I brought you a Systolic Motivator, would you fix it for me?
125. You see this eye-piece right here? I had to re-solder it in place, and it don't look as pretty as it needs to for inspection, I guess.
126. You're right. That looks like crap. I wouldn't be caught dead in that power armor.
127. Get the hell out of here, buddy.
128. Whoa, wait a minute there, fella, that would take a good coupla hours. I'd loan you a manual and my tools, but you'd hafta repair it yourself.
129. Well, besides Michael, where else could I get one?
130. That's fair. I'll be back.
131. Heh, well, Rhombus has a couple of 'em. I wouldn't ask him for one, though. Only "the Honored" are supposed to wear these here power suits. Besides, I think he has an unnatural attachment to them.
132. Hmm. Okay, thanks a lot.
133. I don't think so. Don't even know what one is.
134. Thanks anyway.
135. What kind of weak mechanic are you, can't even fix a water chip?
136. How can I get some power armor without studying for a hundred years?
137. The moniker's Kyle. I've never met a myth before.
138. What's that supposed to mean?
139. What do you do here?
140. Neither have I. I'll see you around.
141. To hear Maxson's stories you'd think it was the ninth level of hell.
142. Maxson? General Maxson?
143. Not General Maxson, his grandfather, Roger Maxson. I heard you brought back a disk that told what happened to the guys who rebelled against him and went down there to recover the lost technology.
144. Yeah, I guess I did. I'm
145. , who're you?
146. I'd rather not talk about it.
147. Yeah, lousy bastards. I can't believe they sent you down there like that.
148. And all they gave me for my trouble was a handful of ammo!
149. Hey, initiate, got anything for me?
150. No, I told them you sent me and he wouldn't give me the part.
151. No I haven't even looked into it yet.
152. No luck yet.
153. No shit. And here I thought you was smart. I told ya that guy had official forms for brains.
154. Watch who you call an idiot.
155. I was just tryin' to talk it out of Michael.
156. What can I do if Michael won't give it to me.
157. I'm going.
158. Wella... I got to give you credit for that. But I think you blew your chances with getting it from the supply room. You'll just have to find another way to get it. Or find yourself Power Armor somewares else.
159. OK, see you later.
160. Where else can I dig one up?
161. Good luck.
162. Get lost, I'm busy.
163. Hello, were you able to get that part?
164. Yes. Here it is.
165. Yes, but I think I'll hold on to it a little while.
166. Great! Here just let me install this into the unit.
167. OK you're all set to go. Here take this manual. If you have any kind of aptitude with repairing things you should have no problem. Good Luck.
168. After all that? Okay, just let me know when you want me to put it in. Then you can get started on repairing it.
169. Well, I don't know what to tell you. I guess you need to polish up your repair skills a little. I'll keep the unit here for ya.
170. Ok. Thank you. Good bye.
171. Hello agin. Can I help you?
300. [more]

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