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100 You see a raider who seems crazed.
101 That's it! Don't come any closer. I'll off her. I swear.
102 Nung!
103 Don't do it!
104 If you don't let her go, I'm gonna kill you.
105 There is no need for violence. Let's talk about this.
106 What? You just want to kill me, don't you? Just remember, this is your fault.
107 Any why not? She's just a whore.
108 She has as much right to live as you do.
109 No. No way. Not this bitch.
110 What world do you live in? Out here in the real world, blood flows, man. Blood flows, and it's gonna spill all over this room if you don't get out of here.
111 We can talk this over. What can I do to help?
112 Ok, ok. I'm backing off. You don't have to worry about me.
113 Geez, that's funny. Who says I want help?
114 You do. By holding this woman hostage, you're asking for help. I can help.
115 I gotta think about this. Give me a moment.
116 Yeah. Don't try anything, or she gets it.
117 man
118 woman
119 Oh, big man. Let's see you try. But first . . .
120 Oh, big woman. Let's see you try. But first . . .
121 Stay back . . . I don't want to hurt her, but I will.
122 Don't, or I'll have to hurt you.
123 Why do you want to hurt her?
124 Try it, and she dies first. Now, what were you saying?
125 It'll be hard to hurt her with that hole in your head.
126 Ok, but you got to keep talking to me.
127 What hole?
128 The one I'm gonna put there right now.
129 I'll keep talking as long as you do, but try anything tricky, and she'll take the fall.
130 I don't have to do anything. You got to do it, and you ain't doing so hot.
131 She laughed at me. They all laughed at me. I'll make 'em pay, I swear.
132 I trust you. Let's work through this, ok?
133 Maybe. I dunno.
134 guy
135 gal
136 You sound like an all right kind of guy. No one ever wanted to help me before. I think we can talk some more.
137 You sound like an all right kind of gal. No one ever wanted to help me before. I think we can talk some more.
138 Just leave me alone. I hate you! You are the devil. I won't listen to you.
139 Have it your way.
140 You have to hear me out. Your life, and the life of the girl, depend on it.
141 Just relax. I won't harm you. I just want to listen to what you have to say.
142 There you go again, threatening me. Die!!
143 I won't listen to you. You're just going to trick me with your words. I don't believe you. Go away.
144 You might have a point. Prove it to me.
145 Where do we go from here?
146 You tell me. You're in charge.
147 I want some money, and I want to get out of here peacefully. No one follows me.
148 Sorry, we can't do that.
149 Sure.
150 No money, but you can just walk away. No one will do anything. I promise.
151 Ok, but you have to let the girl go first. Show me some trust, and I'll trust you.
152 You lied to me!
153 Ok. I want $100. Then we walk out of here. No one follows me, and I'll let her go when we get to the edge of town.
154 Here's your money.
155 I don't have that kind of cash on me.
156 Then I guess she gets it.
157 That's ok, I guess.
158 I don't like it. What stops you from just shooting me in the back when I walk out of here?
159 I won't shoot you. Trust me.
160 Nothing, you'll just have to believe what I say.
161 No way! I don't trust you!
162 All right. We'll see what happens, won't we.
163 Here's $100. Have a good day.
164 You can leave peacefully.
165 I want my money. I want $200.
166 I don't have enough money.
167 Here you go.
168 You seem like a liar and a cheat to me.
169 Feeling's mutual bud. Let the girl go.
170 man
171 woman
172 Why don't you pick on me instead of her? See what a real man can do.
173 Why don't you pick on me instead of her? See what a real woman can do.
174 No! Don't tell me what to do! You can't tell me what to do!
175 Yeah, I'm gonna show you.
176 You just cost this whore her life!
177 Leave me alone, dammit!
178 The raider, intent upon his business, ignores you.
179 Hmmm . . .
180 Hey, let's get it on, baby. I got the cash if you've got the time.
181 You don't talk to me like that, bitch! Nobody talks to me like that!
182 That just cost you your life!
183 Your carefully-placed blow knocks the raider unconscious. He collapses like a rag doll.

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