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100 What do you want?
101 Your guards said you had a job for me.
102 I don't like your attitude, old man.
103 Nothing.
104 Fluup.
105 I might . . . Have you ever dealt with a vicious murdering band of thieves before?
106 Don't tell me. You've got a gang problem.
107 What is it out here? Is there any place in the wasteland that doesn't have a gang problem?
108 I've dealt with a few.
109 Uh . . . You've dealt with gangs before ?
110 You could say that.
111 What's your problem, old man? I just said that I had, didn't I?
112 No I haven't, and I don't plan on starting now. Good day, sir.
113 Good, then you know how ruthless and bloodthirsty they can be. The Blades are the worst of them all, I'm afraid. We're a humble, god fearing town that is only trying to survive, and these . . . these . . . monsters . . . prey on us . . . [He whispers under his breath] and our children . . .
114 Yeah, yeah, that's great. What's the job entail and what's it worth to ya?
115 What do you mean "prey on you?"
116 Why don't you get your guards to do something about them?
117 Well, the Regulators keep them from attacking us outright, but it's all they can do to keep our little community safe. They try to sneak in at night to kill our citizens, or to, to kidnap our children . . . and . . . [He stops a moment to compose himself before continuing] Just last week one of them burst through the north gate in the middle of the night with dynamite strapped to his body to blow up the Regulator's barracks . . . no doubt to weaken us enough so that they could launch a full scale attack.
118 What happened to him?
119 That sounds a bit extreme, doesn't it?
120 Luckily, the Regulators killed him before he could complete his plan. I saw his body myself.
121 I see. What would you like me to do about it?
122 So you didn't actually see this guy run into your town with dynamite strapped to his body?
123 I'll give you 2000 caps to kill their leader! I want that bitch's head!
124 You seem to have something personal against her.
125 Why just the leader?
126 Sounds good to me.
127 They'll fall apart without her . . . her . . . vile influence.
128 Sounds like a fun girl.
129 I've heard enough. I'll do it.
130 Uh, right. I want no part of this sickness.
131 She had my son kidnapped, tortured and killed. They left him impaled on a post right outside the gates.
132 Those sick bastards . . . I'll take the job.
133 I don't think I want the job, after all.
134 Thank the gods. Finally, my son shall be avenged. The Blades camp is to the north of here. Come back when you've done the job.
135 It was the middle of the night, as I told you. I was asleep. Luckily, the Regulators usually catch these barbarians before they even make it inside our town.
136 Yeah, that's pretty lucky. Pretty convenient, too.
137 I don't like how this all sounds. Count me out.
138 Get out of here then! If you won't help Adytum, Adytum has no need for you!
139 I have no time for idiots. Get out of here.
140 I might just ignore that remark if you've come here to solve my problem for me.
141 What problem is that?
142 What, that you're old and stupid?
143 Have you ever dealt with a vicious, murdering band of thieves before?
144 Don't tell me. You've got a gang problem.
145 What is it out here? Is there any place in the wasteland that doesn't have a gang problem?
146 I've dealt with a few.
147 Not another backwater town with a gang problem! This is ridiculous!
148 What would be convenient would be to put an end to their foulness once and for all!
149 Let me guess - you want them dead.
150 How can I help?
151 There's a lot more going on here than I want to know about. I'll be going, now.
152 What?! You again? What do you want now?
153 I've reconsidered. I'll take the job, old man.
154 I don't like your attitude, old man.
155 Nothing.
156 [He looks at you warily.] . . . The Blades camp is to the north of here. Come back when you've done the job, and I'll pay you 2000 caps.
157 Why haven't you taken care of it yet?
158 I changed my mind.
159 I'm working on it.
160 Hey, back off old man.
161 Well, work faster. Don't bother me again until you've ended her miserable life!
162 Have you done it?! Is she dead? Is she dead?
163 You need some help, old man. Yeah, she's dead.
164 Of course. I made her suffer as a personal favor to you.
165 Yes.
166 Thank the gods!!! Here's your money. You'll always be welcome in Adytum, my son.
167 Finally she knows the taste of hell fire! Bless you, my son. [He wipes away a tear]. Here's an extra 500 caps for putting in the extra effort. You'll always be welcome here.
168 Have you done it?!? Is she dead? Is she dead?
169 Wipe the drool off your mouth and sit down, old man. There's something we need to talk about.
170 I've got something you need to hear.
171 I've had enough of your impudence! Is she dead or not?!
172 Here, listen to this.
173 [As he listens to the holodisk he begins to shake and turn red. You think he might drop dead on the spot from sheer hate.] I'll kill all of you fucking bastards!
174 You bastard! You've brought the devils in to our home!
175 You see middle aged man in civilian clothing.
176 You see Jon Zimmerman, mayor of Adytum.
177 Yeah, what do you want?
178 I have something you should listen to about your son.
179 Never mind.
180 Blorb.
181 Who are you?
182 I'm Jon Zimmerman, mayor of Adytum. What's it to you?
183 Hello.
184 Good to see you.
185 Thanks for all your help.
186 My son can now rest in peace.
187 My son is revenged.

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