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100 The man tosses about fitfully.
101 Oohhh . . .
102 You see a pale, wiry young man.
103 You see Jarvis, the younger brother of Seth.
104 Hello. I'm sorry, but I'm not feeling too well right now. Please, if you can help find a way to fight the radscorpions, talk to my brother, Seth.
105 Thank you so much for helping me. My name is Jarvis, and I'm Seth's younger brother. Please, if there's anything you need to know, just ask.
106 Hello again. Can I help you with something?
107 Can you tell me more about your brother?
108 Tell me a bit about the town.
109 Just chatting, thanks.
110 Seth's a very good fighter. He's very determined. A little too much, sometimes. Still, he's devoted to the welfare of our village.
111 Well, Shady Sands was founded by a great ancestor of our current leader, Aradesh. He could tell you more of the story. We have a well and irrigation, so we do well for ourselves.
112 This man is suffering from a virulent poison.
113 You can't figure out what is affecting this man.
114 This man is suffering from radscorpion venom.
115 You can't figure out what is affecting this man.
116 That skill won't help here.
117 Over the next few minutes, the man shows definite improvement.
118 Sef is brover?
119 Dis pwace?
120 Duh.

Hope. It is the quintessential human delusion, simultaneously the source of your greatest strength and your greatest weakness.

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