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100 You see Jacob, the arms dealer.
100 You see Jake of the Followers.
101 Hi! Welcome to Jake's. I've got some great merchandise in stock. Feel free to look around.
101 You see a Follower of the Apocalypse.
102 I would like to make a deal with you.
102 Welcome, my friend! How might I help you today?
103 What are you selling here?
103 Me hep! Me hep!
104 What can you tell me about a water chip?
104 I heard that you are a decent fighter. Let's find out.
105 Tell me about yourself.
105 I hear you need help. What's the problem?
106 Nevermind. Bye.
106 What can you tell me about the Followers?
107 wahnt.
107 You want to help. I don't think you are good enough to help me out. Go talk to Neil.
108 nO wahnt.
108 I would love to fight you, but I am much too busy helping Nicole right now.
109 I deal with high end arms. The best stuff you can find this side of the Brotherhood, and since the Brotherhood doesn't deal with outsiders, I've gotta' say I'm the best. I have a Sniper Rifle, and you would be hard pressed to find Flame Thrower fuel anywhere else in the wastes. On yeah... I've got a Geiger counter, too. Very rare.
109 Figures. You looked like a wimp to me anyways.
110 Show me what ya' got.
110 Suit yourself. Good bye.
111 Tell me more about the Sniper Rifle.
111 How did a wimp like you become second in command?
112 What would I need a Geiger counter for?
112 Hey. Just because I don't want to fight doesn't mean I'm a wimp. I just don't feel like it.
113 Maybe I'll check with you later. Bye.
113 I was right. Just a wimp.
114 Man, you do like the rare stuff! Where were you when I was selling some depleted uranium rounds a few years back? I don't do chips, though. Ain't a market in it. Anything else?
114 Some of us will use our brains to get further in this world. A lot can be settled with peace and thinking.
115 Show me what ya' got.
115 When are you going to use your brains then?
116 Then tell me what you DO have.
116 You're right. I'm sorry.
117 Tell me about yourself.
117 That's it. I'm not going to talk to you anymore.
118 Well, I've been around. Used to be with the Union of Atomic Workers. Sort of like the Brotherhood, but less friendly. They wanted to keep to themselves, and I... well, I wanted to see the world and be my own boss, so I left.
118 That's better. Now. I have a problem with a spy around here. Will you help me?
119 Let's see what you have.
119 Yes. What is it?
120 Tell me what you've got.
120 Fix it yourself if you are so great.
121 What can you tell me about a water chip?
121 I just said we have a spy around here. I think it may be one of the guards that is the spy. Though it could be a scout. Those are the only two groups that have access to the Children.
122 Good meeting you, friend. I may stop by later. Bye.
122 Okay. I'll go get your spy and eliminate the problem.
123 Ahh, the DKS is a fine long range weapon. It was originally .308, but we rechambered it for the more common .223 round. We tuned the barrel, too. Most importantly, check out this trigger. Smooth, huh? The trigger breaks perfectly now. Overall, this is a good choice for hunting any type of animal...
123 Have any leads on this spy?
124 Sounds good. Let's see if we can make a deal.
124 Forget it. I won't help you.
125 What would I need a Geiger counter for?
125 Thank you very much. Now go!
126 Maybe I'll check with you later. Bye.
126 Nothing really. The only things I really know about is that a lot of low level information is getting to the Children. This is not good. Heather thinks it is either Neil or Peter.
127 What do you need a Gieger counter for!? [Laughs] Though it's been 80 years or so since the bombs fell, there's still radiation around, you goof. You can't see it, never could, but it's there. Heck I'm willin' to bet you got some counts on you now. Everyone that lives in the wastes has a few RAD counts.
127 Okay. I will go check on it.
128 Show me what you have to sell.
128 Forget it. I won't help you.
129 Tell me more about radiation.
129 I can't let you leave then.
130 How does a Geiger counter work?
130 I will then. Good bye!
131 Goof!?! Do you always insult your customers? If you think I'm going to buy something from you now you're sadly mistaken.
131 We are having trouble with some of our information slipping out to the Children. I think it is a spy.
132 Well, some call it the Phantom Death, 'cause that's what it is. You can't see it, you can't hear it, you can't even smell it. It basically builds up in your system. You never feel it until it's too late. The more trips you make to Hot Spots, the more it builds up and it will never leave your system. Ever. The Rads just keep building up. Well... unless you can get a hold of some Rad-Away.
132 Okay. So, what is the problem?
133 Let's see if we can make a deal.
133 Okay, I'll deal with this spy.
134 How does a Geiger counter work?
134 Have any leads yet?
135 Where can I find Rad-Away? I haven't seen it being sold many places.
135 Forget it. I won't help you.
136 Wow. You know a lot. It sounds like you've been around.
136 Currently, I can't tell you anything. Good day.
137 Thanks for the info. Bye.
137 I am trying to sleep. Don't bother me.
138 It's pretty simple, actually. You use it and it tells you how many Rads you have. As long as you keep your Rad count under 100, you should be fine. Go above 100 and you're in some trouble. The worst part is you won't even know you've been sucking up Rads until a few days later. Get over 1000 and you're cooked - unless you get a hold of a whole lot of Rad-Away.
138 Hurry up and find that vile scum!
139 Let's see if we can make a deal.
139 I knew it was Heather all along. She was deceitful from the start. I should have told everyone what I thought at first.
140 What can you tell me about radiation?
140 I never did learn anything from you. Your training was useless.
141 I don't go for this hard sell crap. See you later.
141 I have a package for you from Gabriel.
142 Nevermind.
142 Hmm. I see. Thank you.
143 Get the hell out.
144 gEt.
145 Me go.
146 Yes.
147 No. Just looking around.
148 I don't want any trouble. If you want to do business then let's do it. If not, get out.
149 gEt.
150 Me go.
151 Let's see what you've got.
152 You can go to Hell. I go where I want, when I want!
153 I'm leaving.
154 What the hell are you doing in here?!?!?
155 I don't carry it. Any I find I keep for myself. Right up the street here, there's a guy that may be able to help you. His name is Vance. Don't ask too many questions of him. Let's just say this is his area of expertise. Just tell him Jacob sent you and he should do you up just fine.
156 How does a Geiger counter work?
157 Thanks for the info. Bye.
158 Here's what I've got.
159 Bye.
160 Thanks.
161 Ook.
162 The mutants wiped 'em out about ten years ago, so I guess I made the right decision. I eventually settled down here. The cops don't like my trade and I've been rousted more than once, but I'm a helluva lot more honest than most of the merchants here.
163 Hey, how's it going my friend? Lookin' to buy somethin'?
164 Hey, how's it going my friend? Lookin' to buy somethin'?
165 Your selection is good, but I'm looking for something with a bit more punch. Any idea where I could go?

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