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100 You see a thin, angry-looking man.
101 You see Ismarc.
102 What?
103 Yeah, what do you want?
104 Hey, good singing.
105 Your singing makes my ears bleed.
106 Never mind.
107 Hoo!
108 Oh, great. You don't know how gratified that makes me. Go away.
109 Thanks. What can I do for ya?
110 Do you do music anywhere else?
111 Just felt like tossing some money in the hat, so to speak.
112 Where did you learn to sing?
113 Thanks for your time.
114 What?!? I don't have time for this.
115 Yeah, I sing at the Hub sometimes, and I've visited the Brotherhood of Steel and Adytum with the caravans. Why do you ask?
116 Can you tell me how to get to the Hub?
117 I need to know how to get to the Brotherhood.
118 How do I get to Adytum?
119 Um, never mind, thanks.
120 The Hub? Oh, it's just a short distance down south of Junktown. What else?
121 The Brotherhood is a couple days west and a little bit north of here. Don't go there, though. They won't let you in unless you're with a caravan. You need anything else?
122 Hmm. Head southwest of the Hub. Adytum is part of the Boneyard. It's a small, semi-industrial town. I didn't like it much there. What else do you want?
123 Hey, thanks. It's hard being a starving artist. You got anything you need to know, you just ask.
124 I appreciate the thought and all, but you're strapped worse than I am.
125 Ah, I picked it up here and there. Learned a little from an old singer at the Hub, and got some music from the scavs in Adytum, in the Boneyard. You know. Just takes some practice.
126 There is a man singing raucously in the corner.
127 Your head is a bowl!
128 It's round like a mole!
129 I'd rather fry!
130 Than pay you the toll!
131 I know your mind
132 It's a steel cage
133 Raging inside is . . .
134 The DeathClaw
135 I need you
136 Like a bad dose of poison
137 I need you

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