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100 You see Irwin.
101 Oh boy, can't you leave me alone? I have enough problems on my hands already.
102 Problems? Maybe I can help you.
103 Like you are the only one with problems.
104 Okay, okay. No reason to yell at me.
105 Hmm... I don't know. It takes a different caliber of hero than you. Listen, why don't you come back when you have a little more experience under your belt?
106 This is a tragedy, believe me. Nothing is the way it used to be. I have a small farm outside town and a few days ago a bunch of Raiders appeared out of nowhere and now use my home as their camp. They killed Pugsley, my donkey and they threatened to kill me if I ever dare to come back.
107 Just tell me where and I'll take care of the rest.
108 Sorry Irwin, but I have more important things to do.
109 Really, you would do that? You know, I don't dare to go there any more. Why don't you come back and let me know when it is safe to go back home again?
110 Listen freak, I told you to let me alone in the first place. Now beat it!
111 I knew you would chicken out. Everyone does when it comes to the Raiders.
112 So, have you been able to teach those Raiders a lesson? Is my home safe again?
113 It sure is, buddy.
114 I didn't have the time yet to take care of it.
115 Oh, thank you so much. I am sorry I don't have any riches to give to you, but here, take this rifle for saving my home.
116 You're trying to fool me, right? Please don't play with me. Come back and let me know when it is really safe to get back into my home, will you?
117 Thank you so much for helping me.
118 Grunk?
119 Look, I don't have time for idiots. Come back when you've got some smarts.
120 Uh Huh, Uh Huh, Uh Huh. I dood it.
121 Me no fix yet.
300 Meet your maker!
301 Get him... dead!
302 You have just had your last cheesebread!

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