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100 You see a Paladin.
101 Sorry, we're on alert. I can't talk right now.
102 Do you see anything.
103 Those mutants will pay for what they did.
104 Don't worry, we have everything under control.
105 I wouldn't stick around here if I were you initiate, there's likely to be more bloodshed.
106 Keep an eye out for us Initiate.
107 I wouldn't stick around here if I were you stranger, there's likely to be more bloodshed.
108 Keep an eye out stranger, trouble's brewing.
109 Leave.
110 Do not distract me, we're on alert.
111 Keep quite.
112 Stop wasting my time, initiate.
113 Button your hatch stranger.
114 Beat it stranger, before there's more bloodshed.
115 This world should be cleansed of these vile abominations.
116 What was that?
117 My feet hurt.
118 They will pay for this...
119 Let them try that again.
120 What the... Oh, it's nothing.
121 Stay alert!
200 Bob, what's your status?
201 All clear.
202 I don't think they're coming back.
203 Don't count on it.
204 Have we heard back from the scouts?
205 Not yet.
206 Scouts report that everything is clear.
207 Good.
208 So, what were you working on this morning Ray?
209 Just trying to increase the range on the plasma rifle.
210 Have you checked out the Gatling laser?
211 Yea, I assisted with the first prototype.
212 Quit with the chatter!
213 Yes, sir. Sorry, sir.

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