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100 You see a short, stocky man.
100 You see Killian.
100 You see Lorraine, a Scav from Adytum.
101 We don't like your kind in these parts.
101 Who are you?
101 You see a young woman with dark hair.
102 Hello, stranger. You look like you're new here. What's your name?
102 How about telling me a bit about this town?
102 Hi. Are you new here?
103 My name's not important.
103 Do you own this store?
103 Yeah. Can you fill me in a little?
104 I'm
104 I want to buy something.
104 Yes, I am. I'm called
105 .
105 What's there to do around here?
105 .
106 Urgh?
106 What do I have to do to help you get rid of Gizmo?
106 Whuuu?
107 Well, then, neither are you.
107 I'd better go.
107 I suppose. What do you need to know about?
108 Good to meet you. I'm Ian.
108 Nu-uhh?
108 Who are you?
109 What do you do here?
109 You want to buy something, friend?
109 Can you give me some information about the Boneyard?
110 I'd like to know more about this place. Can you help?
110 Uh-huh.
110 Tell me a bit about the other residents of Adytum.
111 Sorry, but I don't have time to waste on morons.
111 Nuh-uh.
111 What do you do for a living?
112 I was a guard for the merchants of the Hub. However, I was shot during a raid by bandits. I've been staying here, since the people have helped me recover. Still, my knowledge of the outside world and my experience make me useful here. Shady Sands is my home now. Occasionally, I even get to visit Junktown or the Hub to do some trading, since I'm the only person here who has ever really left town.
112 Welcome to Junktown, stranger. What can I help you with?
112 Never mind, thanks.
113 You see Ian.
113 Hello, darlin'. What can I get ya?
113 I'm Lorraine.
114 I'm sorry to hear about your injury.
114 What do you want?
114 Can I ask you a few questions?
115 Where's this Hub, and Junktown?
115 Can I help you?
115 Nice to meet you. Bye.
116 Can you tell me about the bandits?
116 How about telling me a bit about this town?
116 I'm a Scav. I work with Sammael to collect stuff from the ruins, so that we can use it to build or trade.
117 Shady Sands is a small but self-sufficient community. The only trouble here is with the bandits and the Radscorpions.
117 Do you own this store?
117 Sounds dangerous, with the gangs.
118 Why are the Radscorpions trouble?
118 I want to buy something.
118 How many Scavs are there?
119 Are there many bandits?
119 What's there to do around here?
119 Can I ask you about something different?
120 There are several. They come from various groups. They steal our food and occasionally shoot a few people. Seth organized the guards to help fight them off.
120 What do I have to do to help you get rid of Gizmo?
120 Nice talking to you.
121 Can you tell me about Seth?
121 I'd better go.
121 It can be, if you're caught. The Rippers are especially hard on trespassers. That's why we work hard not to get caught!
122 There are different groups? Who are they all?
122 Nu-uhh?
122 Can you tell me a bit about the gangs?
123 Radscorpions are very dangerous. They have a poisonous stinger in the tail, and they are very quick. Aradesh has been trying to find a way to get rid of them. If you feel brave, you could talk to Aradesh about them.
123 The name's Killian. Killian Darkwater. I'm the mayor of this fine town. And who might you be?
123 How do you avoid getting caught?
124 Thanks. It's been healing up well, thanks to Razlo.
124 I'm
124 Can I ask you about some other stuff?
125 Seth is a very brave fighter. He occasionally goes to the Radscorpion caves to kill a few Radscorpions, but they always wind up coming back. There are just too many for him to fight.
125 .
125 Thanks. Bye.
126 Are the Radscorpions really that dangerous?
126 My name is
126 Oh, there's half a dozen of us. Sammael was the first one, and he's still the best.
127 What can I help you with?
127 . I come from up north.
127 Can I ask you about some other stuff?
128 There are three groups: the Khans, the Vipers, and the Jackals. They pretty much hate each other, but they all raid Shady Sands.
128 What's it to you?
128 Interesting. Thanks.
129 Tell me more about Shady Sands.
129 Not much up that way 'cept desert and Shady Sands. You from there?
129 You can always tell the Blades because they have those nasty vibro-knives. The Rippers, on the other hand, are low-tech but really mean.
130 He has the confident, relaxed stance of an experienced fighter.
130 No. I come from a Vault, to the west.
130 The Rippers even have a minefield around their fort! Makes you wonder what Julianna was thinking.
131 So,
131 No. My . . . um . . . village is a little west, in the mountains.
131 What do you mean about Julianna?
132 , what can I do for you?
132 Not really. Is there anything else up there?
132 Very nasty. Can I ask some other things?
133 Tell me about the raiders.
133 Of course, I come from there, you idiot.
133 Thanks for the warning.
134 Tell me about Radscorpions.
134 Hey, you sound like you're hopin' I'll fill in some gaps for you.
134 Oh, she wound up falling for some Ripper a while ago. Poor dear can't leave the town, of course, and Caleb would kill the young lad on sight. Very tragic.
135 Tell me about Shady Sands.
135 Yeah, if you say so. So what do you need?
135 Uh . . . if you say so.
136 Tell me about Seth.
136 Oh yeah, sure you do. And when you were a baby, your crib was a safe.
136 Can I ask some other questions?
137 Can you give me directions to the Hub and Junktown?
137 No, no. It's called a Vault. It protected us from the war. It's been full of people for 80 years!
137 Hmm. Thanks for filling me in. Bye.
138 Nothing, thanks.
138 Heh, you got my joke. I actually come from a village not far from Shady Sands.
138 We only scavenge after dark. And we're very good at what we do. Sammael's got a little test that he likes to throw out at people, before he lets them become Scavs.
139 The Hub is a big trading center far south of Shady Sands. It's run by several different caravan groups of merchants: the Water Merchants, the Crimson Caravan, and the Far Go Traders. Junktown is a little south and a ways west. It's smaller, but still a good place to drop in for a drink. It's overseen by a fellow by the name of Killian Darkwater, the local shopkeeper, sheriff, and mayor.
139 Don't feel bad, ain't the worst story I've been told. So . . . what can I do for ya?
139 What's the test?
140 Thanks.
140 Well, travelers tell me there's a bunch of crazies up north called the Vipers. Another group of yahoos out east called the Khans. Neither one of them likely to invite you to supper as anything but the main course, if you know what I mean.
140 Still sounds dangerous.
141 I may not be a very good fighter any more, but I'm good enough to best the likes of you!
141 What else is outside Junktown?
141 I see. Mind if we back up a bit?
142 What can I do for you,
142 Thanks.
142 Interesting. Bye.
143 ?
143 Well, ya got the Hub southwest. Don't go south, though. That'd be Necropolis; the, uh . . . climate's bad there, rain or shine. If you understand what I'm saying.
143 Sammael has the person hide somewhere within Adytum during the day. If he can't find the student in an hour, then he lets the person join the next scavenger party.
144 Hmm. Nothing. Never mind, Ian.
144 Well, thanks for the information. Can I ask you a few more questions?
144 What a stupid system!
145 You can leave now.
145 You just know everything, don't you?
145 Seems to work. You're still alive.
146 Can you give me directions to the Hub and Junktown?
146 I'd better be going now.
146 Huh. Can I ask you about some other things?
147 Well, since you ask, all right. See you around.
147 Hell, why not. Ask away, friend.
147 Interesting. Bye.
148 No thanks. I'm needed here.
148 Yeah, okay. But make it quick, I got work to do.
148 Come now, isn't there the faintest trace of a romantic in you? Really, it's too bad. Unrequited love and all of that. Tragic.
149 Could you help me out a bit? Your experience would be useful.
149 Well, Junktown's not much, but it's home. Mostly we trade with people or let 'em forget their troubles for a bit. Of course, we have our share of problems.
149 Hmpf. Shows what you know. Tell that to Sammael. If you can find him.
150 Let's go. It'll be good to get back into action!
150 Problems?
150 Yes, although it can be rough. It's very dangerous, especially if you're caught.
151 This is Killian's, a general store. Killian's a good man, and they have plenty of stock.
151 What's there to do in this town?
151 No doubt. Can I ask about something else?
152 Gizmo's casino. A hive of gambling and underworld activity. Careful; they say the games are rigged.
152 What other cities are around here?
152 Thanks for the info.
153 This place gives me the creeps.
153 Thanks.
153 Wow, I think you're a little beyond my help.
154 What the hell happened here?
154 From outside, we've had the occasional to-do with the Khans. But they've been pretty quiet lately. Inside, trouble's been from the Skulz. And I hear of some strange things happening down by the Hub, but they haven't affected us yet, knock on my mother-in-law's head.
154 This used to be a big city, called Los Angeles. But the bombs hit really hard. Now, there's just the Angel's Boneyard. We Adytowners are just trying to survive in the wreckage.
155 This is gonna be a tough nut to crack.
155 Oh, we got tons to do. The Skum Pitt's on the east side, by the entrance. Great drinkin' place. Gizmo's is near there. And if you're hurtin', Doc Morbid's your man.
155 Can you tell me more about Los Angeles?
156 Hmm. Tempting offer, since this place gets boring. Tell ya what. Standard rates. 100 caps, and you've got a deal.
156 Thanks.
156 I see. Thanks.
157 Deal.
157 That's all there is to do around here?
157 Lots of people lived here, and they did important things like making computer games. From what I hear, the survivors hid in a big place called a Vault, and came out years later. Some of them founded Adytum, but the
158 No thanks.
158 Well, if we're too fast for ya, just pass on by, pal. It is pal, ain't it?
158 others formed the street gangs, the Blades and the Rippers. The Gun Runners aren't from here originally.
159 How about a piece of the action, instead?
159 Better than nothing, I guess.
159 Where is this Vault?
160 All right, I'll help you out in exchange for my share of loot.
160 Then there won't be anything exciting in town.
160 Tell me about the gangs.
161 No, I don't think so. Come back when you have some caps.
161 By a damn sight.
161 Where are the Gun Runners from?
162 This is the Weapon Shop. It's run by Beth. She's good for guns, but better for gossip.
162 Oh, you obviously have me confused with someone who has to take your lip. Why don't you come back when your mama teaches you some manners.
162 Making computer games? Doesn't sound very important to me.
163 Jake's weapons. High prices, but really good guns.
163 Well that's a damn fine coincidence! That's what this store's here for! We got about everything you can need. Let me show you some things over here . . .
163 Thanks for your help.
164 Office of the Water Merchants. They're the big movers and shakers of the Hub, since they supply the water that keeps everything going.
164 You bet. May not be as big as some in the Hub, but people usually find what they're looking for. Take a look around . . .
164 Well, supposedly it was somewhere south of here, but I don't know really. I think everyone left because it was broken.
165 This is the Crimson Caravan. I did some work for them. They do a lot of high-risk jobs.
165 You have to wear a recorder and tape Gizmo confessing, or plant this wire tap in his office. Either way, and we got him.
165 Can I ask you some more questions?
166 Far Go Traders, run by Butch Harris. He's ot-nay oo-tay ight-bray, if you catch my meaning.
166 Well, howdy! What can I do for you today?
166 Hmm. Thanks.
167 Ah, now the Maltese Falcon is the place to be. Good music, good drinks, and good company.
167 You again. What do you want now?
167 I'm not really sure. I think they came from somewhere up north of here.
168 That is one ugly son of a bitch!
168 Unless you're gonna pay for that, you'd better put it down.
168 Tell me about the other gangs.
169 You gain 100 experience points for convincing Ian to join your quest.
169 You're not too bright, are ya. Boys . . .
169 Can I ask about some other things?
170 Heard about some of these places before, but never been in one. Seems nice and clean . . . a little too clean for my taste.
170 It's obvious your mama didn't teach you manners. Am I gonna have to?
170 Thanks for the information.
171 Not that you asked me, but the man needs to give you a little breathing room.
171 Well, congratulations. You just earned yourself a night in a cell. Boys . . .
171 Who do you want to know about, Zimmerman, Caleb, Miles, Taylor, or Smitty?
172 Y'know, that woman couldn't lead a tango, much less a revolution.
172 Now what the Uncle Sam-hell do you think you're doing here?
172 Jon Zimmerman.
173 What weapons are you skilled with?
173 Uh . . . I got lost?
173 Caleb.
174 I'm a good shot with just about any sort of pistol, and I can use a submachine gun, too. I also know how to handle a knife.
174 Oh, this is your place?
174 Miles.
175 I thought the Boneyard was worse.
175 Well . . . I broke in.
175 Taylor.
176 You're damn straight this is my place! Now get the hell out before I make your head a wall decoration!
176 Smitty.
177 Okay, okay, I'm going.
177 Nobody.
178 You? Wake up, pal, you're still dreaming.
178 Zimmerman watches over our town. He makes sure that everyone gets fed, and that everybody has a job to do.
179 Uh, no. You got stupid. Get out of here!
179 Caleb is the leader of the Regulators. It's his job to protect Adytum. He's very strict, but he means well.
180 Okay. Sorry about the inconvenience.
180 Ah, our resident chemist. Miles makes bullets, and he also built the water distiller that makes sure we get clean water from the well. He's working on an underground farm right now, but he's missing some parts.
181 Who's going to make me? You? Don't make me laugh . . .
181 Taylor runs the shop. It's in the bunker near the gate. He trades with the Hub merchants for us.
182 An honest thief. Hmpf. Well, I'm still gonna have to take you in. Come along quietly and you won't get hurt.
182 Hm. Smitty is a tinker of sorts. He's good at repair work. He casts bullets and fixes broken stuff around town.
183 All right, I'll come along quietly.
183 Can I ask about someone else?
184 Right . . . I don't think so.
184 Can we talk about a different subject?
185 Like I said . . .
185 Thanks.
186 I already told you . . .
187 I already told you . . .

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