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100 You see a burly bounty hunter with a button that reads, 'I'm Christopher and you're meat.'
101 What do you want?
102 A donut.
103 What are you doing here?
104 Just looking around.
105 Nothing.
106 We don't appreciate wise guys here. Buzz off.
107 That joke wasn't even funny the first time. You're about to discover why I'm one of the most fearsome bounty hunters in the wasteland. And I won't even get paid for it.
108 None of your business.
109 Well, go poke around somewhere else.
110 Did you know that there's a bounty of 1,500 caps on your head for killing children? Time to collect!
1000 Adytum
1002 Cathedral
1003 Rippers
1004 Blades
1005 Gun
1006 Hub
1007 Junktown
1008 Water
1009 Nicole
1010 Boneyard
1011 Runners
1012 Chip
1100 A small town to the south. Occasionally some of them visit.
1101 Those are the peace loving freaks who live near us.
1102 A strange cult south of Adytum and the rest of the Boneyard. Nicole says that they are up to something.
1103 An ultra-violent gang to our west.
1104 A gang to the east. They use vibro-knives.
1105 A gang that came from the Hub, and sells guns. They are north of here.
1106 The Hub is a large city of traders and businesses, to the east.
1107 Junktown is a small city just north of the Hub.
1108 I can't help you with that.
1109 She's the leader of the Followers.
1110 This place is the Angel's Boneyard, the remnants of the old city of Los Angeles.
1111 A gang that came from the Hub, and sells guns. They are north of here.
1112 I can't help you with that.

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