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100 You see a flower child.
101 Hello! Would you� oh, excuse me�
102 You! I heard about you! You kill kids and eat them! Mother Jain! Mother Jain! Help!
103 Would you like a flower, mister?
104 Would you like a flower, madam?
105 Empty
106 Is there anything special about this place?
107 What's so special about the flower?
108 What are you charging, kid?
109 Sure, kid!
110 No thanks.
111 Sure. I could get off on stomping it to pieces!
112 [sniff, sniff]. Smell nice!
113 [sniff, sniff]. Smell yuck!
114 Silly! You already got a flower!
115 Do you want the flower or don't you!
116 I'll take the flower if you tell me a little about this place.
117 What's so special about the flower?
118 Sure, kid!
119 Enough about the damn flower. Just answer the question!
121 It's a Unity Rose. It's the color of the Holy Flame, and represents the peace and harmony we'll have when the Children of the Cathedral helps everyone in the whole world become friendly and strong! Uh, do you want one?
122 Empty
123 Now how's a rose going to do all that?
124 Tell me about the Holy Flame�
125 How much is it, kid?
126 Sure, kid!
128 Look. I don't want your damn flower.
129 It's free. We don't believe in money. The Holy Flame takes care of all of our needs! It's so wonderful! You should join us in our Cathedral of Happiness! Uh, do you want one?
130 Tell me about the Cathedral�
131 Tell me about the Holy Flame�
132 Sure, kid!
135 Thank you, oh thank you! I gave away a flower! Isn't that great�
136 You're mean! I hate you! I hope you get eaten by the Holy Flame!
137 They sure do! Have one! I gave away a flower! Isn't that great�
138 You're stupid! I hope the Holy Flame kills you before you can say anymore stupid things. Mother Jain, watch out for the stupid man!
139 We're the Children of the Cathedral. We've been commanded by the Holy Flame itself to feed the hungry and heal the sick. We're going to spread peace and unity everywhere�and everything will be soooo good! Here, have your flower!
140 I don't think you want a flower at all. You're being mean to me!
141 Roses won't do that, silly! Only people can change the world. And with the Holy Flame as our master, we'll be sure to make everything nice and special! So would you like a flower�
142 Tell me about the Cathedral�
143 Tell me about the Holy Flame�
144 Sure, kid!
145 No thanks.
146 I'll show you silly, you little...
147 That's the fire that cleansed the world, and if we obey it, it'll never do it again! It wants us be smart and peaceful and unified and stuff! So would you like a flower?
148 Tell me about this unity�
149 Sure, kid!
150 No thanks.
151 Enough with the damn flower!
152 It's a wonderful place near the ocean, where people spend all their time praising the Holy Flame and being good. And everyone there is kind, except maybe Father Lasher. Uh�would you like a flower?
153 Tell me about Father Lasher�
154 Sure, kid!
155 No thanks.

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