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100 You see a police officer.
101 Greetings! You should watch your� uh, I mean, watch� (the officer gives a strange look to the other officers and tilts his head in your direction.)
102 Hi there stranger� Wait! I know you! You're wanted for theft! Don't move!
103 Okay I give up.
104 Eat lead!
105 Kor Rok!
106 (Give yourself up.)
107 Watch your back, this isn't a safe place.
108 Watch your scripts,
109 guy.
110 lady.
111 You shouldn't be here, it's not safe.
112 Old Town's really fallen apart.
113 This place smells.
114 We should tear this whole area down.
115 I know that damn Thieves Circle is around here, somewhere.
116 Poor Harold, he's had a rough life.
117 Keep your nose clean.
118 Hey. I know you. No more fighting okay?
119 You better not be thinking of starting another fight!
120 If we catch you fighting again, you're going in!
121 Did you hear? The Far Go Trader's got whipped out.
122 The Water Merchants are history, that's a blessing.
123 Someone killed off the Crimson Caravan.
124 Did you hear! The Underground has finally been wiped out!
125 Decker's Dead!
126 This town would be safer with Decker out of the picture.

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