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100 You see Leon, a guard.
101 What is your business here?
102 I must speak with Mr. Hightower.
103 I've come to kill Mr. Hightower.
104 What business is it of yours?
105 Ok. But I'm watching you. He's in his office.
106 Thank you.
107 Yeah... I bet you're watching me.
108 I don't like your attitude. I'm going to have to ask you to leave.
109 I'll leave when I'm good and ready, pal!
110 Ok, I'll leave.
111 Attitude? I'l show you attitude!!!
112 Whatever it is, you can tell me. Mr. H is busy right now.
113 Why do you have to be so difficult?
114 I would much rather tell him in person. It's a matter of life and death.
115 Decker has put a contract out on Hightower's life.
116 You can tell me, or you can leave.
117 Who died and made you God?
118 Decker has put a contract out on Hightower's life.
119 Look, I'm not tellin' you a damn thing!
120 I'll leave.
121 Again? What a fool Decker is. Well?... I guess he's not as big a fool as the guys he hires for these jobs. See here, check out my gun.
122 [Leon shows you the side of his gun where 5 deep scratch marks are visible.]
123 Each one of these marks is for a past attempt on Hightower's life. I bagged each and every one of them. Tell me... do you know what this fool Decker hired looks like?
124 No.
125 It's me, you idiot!
126 Hey! Wow! You've got scratch marks on your gun! You're coooooool!
127 Thank you for the advance warning, but Mr. Hightower doesn't like strangers hangin' around. I'm going to have to ask you to leave.
128 That's it? No reward? What the hell is wrong with you people?
129 You're welcome. Goodbye.
130 Mr. Hightower is not taking any visitors. Now leave!
131 I'll leave when I'm good and ready, pal!
132 Ok, I'll leave.
133 I really need to speak to Mr. Hightower.
134 Ok, buddy. Let's go. [Leon grabs you by the arm.]
135 Get your damn hands off of me!
136 All right, all right! I'm going.
137 Wait! I'm not finished!
138 Ug!
139 Rookl!
140 I have urgent news for Mr. Hightower.
141 What are you doing here? I'm off duty now. Go bother someone else.


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