Fallout HTWRGRGE Dialogue
100. You see George, the door guard.
101. Can I help you?
102. wHant see miStr tOwer!
103. Yes. I'm here to see Mr. Hightower.
104. I have an appointment with Mr. Hightower and I'm running very late.
105. Let me in.
106. Mr. Hightower doesn't see just anyone.
107. Well, he wants to see me.
108. How do I set up an appointment with him?
109. I'm not just anyone, you idiot!
110. Oh well. Goodbye.
111. Ok. Go on in.
112. I know all of Mr. Hightower's associates and I've never seen you before, so you'd better leave. Now.
113. Oh, man are you in trouble! Mr. H hates it when his appointments are late. I'll let him chew you out himself. Go on in.
114. You're not getting in here. Beat it, skag!
115. I don't want any trouble here, so you'd better leave now.
116. Get lost!
117. You're not getting in this door.
118. What the hell are you sneaking around for?!? Guards!!!
119. Get away from that door! Nobody gets in there without going through me first!

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