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100 You see Daren Hightower.
101 Who are you?!? And who let you in?
102 I have a message from a friend.
103 Your life is in danger, and I need to speak with you.
104 My name is
105 . Leon let me in.
106 My name?... Death!
107 I'm your worst nightmare.
108 BoBo?
109 I have no friends. What is your message?
110 Decker sends his regards.
111 Um... Bob sent me... ah... he said you overpaid him 100 caps and sent me to give it to you.
112 There is no message really, I was just trying to talk my way out of this.
113 I love you.
114 Tell me somthing I don't know, you moron!
115 Moron? I was trying to help you. You can go to Hell.
116 Decker wants you dead and he hired me to do it.
117 You obviously don't know that you're about to die!
118 Forget it. I was just trying to help.
119 It's been a pleasure meeting you
120 . Now my assistant Leon will see you out of my home.
121 I don't know any Bob, but I'll take the 100 caps and you can leave.
122 Go to hell!
123 OK, here you go. Thanks for your time.
124 Uhh... That BASTARD Bob didn't give me enough caps! I'll get 'em for you Mr. Hightower, honest I will!
125 Think nothing of it. I always enjoy strangers coming into my home and giving me money. Leon, show this fool the door! Come back again, and my guards will have your head!
126 Leon, show this fool the door! Come back again, and my guards will have your head!

Perfect. Please move quickly to the chamberlock, as the effects of prolonged exposure to the Button are not part of this test.

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