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100 You see an Elder of the Brotherhood.
101 Greetings Initiate. I need to speak with you. (He motions for you to come closer.)
102 About what?
103 I don't have time right now.
104 Err?
105 There is an urgent matter I need you to help me with. It's Maxson. We are pretty sure he's gone off the deep end. He keeps babbling about an army massing to the north.
106 I'm not willing to send our troops up there into possibly radiated areas, unless I've got absolute proof that this "army" exists.
107 I need someone who isn't a friend of the old man. Someone I can get an honest report from. Are you willing to check the northern region?
108 I'll do it.
109 I can't do it right now. I've got other things I need to deal with.
110 I've already seen a base to the north run by an army of mutants.
111 Good. First go talk to Maxson if you haven't already. Report back to me when you've checked the northern territory. After that, we'll decide what to do with Maxson.
112 Wish me luck.
113 Have you explored the entire northern territory?
114 Yes.
115 No.
116 And what do you have to report?
117 I've found a base guarded by heavily armed mutants. It looks pretty bad.
118 I didn't think so. You weren't gone for very long. Now, get back out there and don't come back until you have a FULL report.
119 Yes, sir.
120 I will inform the Elders. We will wait for Maxson's word on what to do. Go inform him on what you've found. Thanks for your help, Initiate.
121 You're welcome.
122 Then you will make time to hear me out.
123 You've got my attention.
124 You can go to hell old man.
125 Forget it. I've got more important things to do.
126 I understand. If you do travel up into that area and find anything, please, let me know.
127 If I find anything that resembles an army up north, I will let you know.
128 Good work with the mutants. We already heard that you destroyed their production facility. Thanks for taking care of that problem for us.
129 No problem.
130 Err? What kind of response is Err? Leave! Now!
131 If it was up to me, you would be out of here.
132 I have nothing to say to you.
133 You should learn some respect.
134 The meeting will come to order. All Elders are present and have agreed to hear out the claims of Brother
135 . We shall determine what actions will be taken. Brother
136 , tell us what you have seen to the north.
137 During my explorations, I found a military installation being used by mutants. It is heavily guarded and patrolled regularly.
138 Norfa?
139 And what did these mutants look like?
140 They are large humanoids. Their muscle mass is well beyond what a regular human could ever gain. There appear to be several of them guarding the gate in organized troops.
141 They were big, greenish, and carrying weapons.
142 As you may know, our Head Scribe, Vree, has done an autopsy on a creature very similar to what you have just described. Do you believe these are the same?
143 Yes. The description of the creature is nearly identical.
144 What threat do you assume these "mutants" pose?
145 Just as the Brotherhood has been gearing up for battle, this "mutant army" has been preparing for something big.
146 Frankly, your report has not shown us any proof that they are a threat to us. What proof can you give that they have hostile intentions.
147 They have invaded Necropolis. They won't stop there.
148 They are gathering an army. A heavily armed army. They certainly aren't going to just parade around. They intend to use it.
149 So, by these actions they are taking, it is feasable that they will eventually come here?
150 It is possible that they are already on their way here. The Brotherhood is the only real opposition they could have.
151 I don't believe that shows hostility. They could simply be protecting themselves from attack. Even we have to deal with the occasional attack.
152 If they attack, it will be NOTHING like the occasional attack you get from the raiders. This will be a slaughter.
153 Since they are coming out of that old military installation, I would imagine that they would have weapons comparable to your own.
154 What do you suggest? A preemptive strike at their military base?
155 Yes. I don't want them to know we are coming though. A small team would stand a better chance of getting into their perimeter without being detected.
156 That will only take care of one part of the problem. They're being led by a group coming out of the Boneyard Cathedral.
157 So be it. You shall have three Paladins of my choosing to meet you at the Military Base to help you get inside. Elders, thank you for your time. Best of luck to you Initiate.
158 If they are being led by a group out of the Boneyard Cathdral, then chances are they have a small army down there as well.
159 If we take them out in the north, then it leaves our south side vulnerable. I can only spare a few men on this endeavor.
160 Give me a few Paladins to take out their base to the north.
161 Give me a few Paladins to take out their base to the south.
162 So be it. You shall have two Paladins of my choosing to meet you at the Boneyard Cathedral. Elders, thank you for your time. Best of luck to you Initiate.
163 So be it. You shall have three Paladins of my choosing to meet you at the Military Base to help you get inside. Elders, thank you for your time. Best of luck to you Initiate.
164 Obviously we made a mistake. Elders, I am sorry for wasting your time. Would someone please remove this mental abomination?
165 I am too busy planning a defensive strategy.
166 You gain

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