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78 Results For HHOOKER.MSG
100 You see a drunk.
101 You see a customer.
102 You see a very pretty lady.
103 You see a strange looking man.
104 You see a gambler.
105 You see a woman, see seems to be busy.
106 You see a woman.
107 You see a man.
108 You see a very upset gambler.
109 You see a mercenary.
110 Leave me to my sorrows.
111 Yer my bestest friend.
112 Why you're... (hic) where am I?
113 Who are you?
114 Do I know you?
115 I feel a little queasy.
116 Drinks are on me, I mean you.
117 Why are there two of you?
118 Stand still laddy!
119 Stand still girl!
120 Beat it skag!
121 Yer droppin' the class of this joint.
122 Get away, you'll jinx me!
123 Don't break my concentration.
124 I'll beat this damn game yet!
125 You any good at this?
126 Did you see that? That was impossible!
127 I think they're cheating.
128 Now those are good odds.
129 It's a sure thing.
130 What? How could I have lost?
131 This table's jinxed!
132 I'm busy.
133 Can't you see I'm playing a game here?
134 Bet it or beat it.
135 Leave us alone or I'll call the guards.
136 Watch it, I'm a close friend of Deputy Fry.
137 Do you mind?
138 No peep shows!
139 I don't do groups.
140 I'm too tired for another one.
141 You're dreaming pal, beat it!
142 Get the hell out!
143 What the hell do you think you're doing?
144 Mind your manners!
145 I'll call the cops!
146 Don't even think about it!
147 Get out!
148 Beat it!
149 What are you staring at?
150 Do you mind?
151 Get the hell out of our room!
152 Get out!
153 Are you part of the combo?
154 Beat it pervert!
155 What's your problem?
156 Beat it before I get angry.
157 Get your own.
158 She's mine.
159 Damn!
160 Are you cheating?
161 That should have been mine.
162 Almost!
163 Just missed it.
164 What're the rules again?
165 I used to be good at this.
166 Thanks for nothing.
167 I don't believe it!
168 I meant to do that.
169 Place your bets.
170 Keep your hands away sir.
171 Winner!
172 Sorry folks, maybe next time.
173 Another winner!
174 Hands off!
175 Your turn sir.
176 Sorry, that's an invalid bet.
177 That's it.

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