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100 You see Heather of the Follower's Scouts.
101 What are you doing here?
102 Dis!
103 Go bye.
104 I'm just looking around.
105 I am here to kill you!
106 Just curious as to what is going on around here.
107 Really? And what might you be looking for?
108 I think I have already found her.
109 I am looking for a spy.
110 Nothing really. Just looking around.
111 Just information.
112 Thank you, but I am already spoken for. I think it is time for you to leave.
113 Yes, the spy. I have heard of that bothersome pest. I really wish we could catch him.
114 I kept hearing that it was a female spy.
115 Have you heard anything about this spy?
116 You are the spy!
117 Good luck to you. Sorry I bothered you.
118 I bet it was the braggart Neil that said as much. I'll have to have a talk with him later.
119 You think that Neil is the spy?
120 Then who do you think the spy is?
121 You sound a bit defensive. Any reason why?
122 I am almost sure of it. I just need some proof.
123 I will get you proof.
124 He seems like a nice person. I don't know.
125 Why do you think it is him?
126 Thank you. You don't know how much this means to me. Once you get proof, kill him.
127 What is there not to know? He has access to the Children. He works during the night when most are asleep. It has to be him.
128 Ok, I will check into it.
129 Forget it. I think you are trying to divert me!
130 I am truly sorry that you think that way. I cannot have someone think I am a spy. I will remove you from service.
131 He has access to the Children during the night. No one ever sees him on duty. It must be him.
132 Ok, I will check into it.
133 Forget it. I think you are trying to divert me!
134 I am not certain as to who it is. I think it may either be a guard or a scholar. They keep sneaking into the Children's Cathedral at night.
135 Any other leads that you can think of?
136 But I've heard talk that only the scouts do raids on the Children
137 Ok. Thank you for your help.
138 Not really. Just that I think it is a male and probably a scholar or guard.
139 Ok. Thank you for your help.
140 True. We scouts do many raids on the Children, and to much loss lately. This spy costs us dearly.
141 You seem really torn up about this. I will look for the spy and kill him.
142 Could the spy be a scout?
143 Thank you for your help.
144 Why would one of us do that?
145 If you kill off the scouts, then you stop the raids.
146 I don't know. Why would you do that?
147 Don't know. Just wondering.
148 Sounds like a good thought. I've noticed Peter never gets attacked much in the raids. I think he may be the one.
149 Ok, I will check into it.
150 Forget it. I think you are trying to divert me!
151 You think that it is me?
152 I'm sorry. I'm just a bit jumpy.
153 Yes! Now you will die!
154 Then wonder somewhere else. I must get back to work.
155 I think he thinks I am the spy. But I'm not.
156 Maybe he is right.
157 Why would he think that?
158 Because I am the new scout. I've only been here for about a year and the trouble started about five months ago.
159 I think Neil may be right.
160 I think Neil might be the spy. I'll go check into it.
161 Then look elsewhere. This is no place for you.
162 If you need information, look to Nicole. She thinks she knows everything.
163 I can be persuaded to tell you something that's going on. For a price.
164 How much?
165 You would sell secrets?
166 Forget it. I have no money.
167 Three hundred caps and the information is yours.
168 Sure.
169 No way.
170 There will be a raid on the south end of the Children's stronghold. Now go.
171 Trying to cheat me? I'll show you!
172 I'm sorry you feel that way. But, good day to you.
173 I need to get by somehow. Now, do you want in or not?
174 Sure.
175 No way.
176 Nothing. Now leave.

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