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100 You see a guard for the Children.
101 Phillips! Let's take this guy out!
102 Get outta my face!
103 What do you want?
104 Tell me about your work.
105 What's this place about?
106 You wouldn't know where I can find a water chip?
107 What can you tell me about a man named Decker?
108 Nice weapon you got there�
109 Uh� milk.
110 I'm a hired hand. If anyone bothers these space cadets, I kill em. You got a problem with that?
111 So you're a bodyguard�
112 Who hired you?
113 Anything interesting happening in the Hub?
114 What are you making?
115 Yeah. A big problem.
116 No problem, friend.
117 Something called a Holy Flame. Don't listen to this bullshit, it'll rot your brain!
118 What's your take on this Holy Flame?
119 Man, are these people ever stupid!
120 Anything interesting happening in the Hub?
121 Where did these guys come from?
122 Water chip? Do you mean like ice chips? Up in the mountains, maybe.
123 No, I mean the computer chip to control a water purification system.
124 Not that kind of chip, you moron!
125 Uh thanks. I think.
126 You ever been to the mountains?
127 Yeah, I heard about him. He's a real bastard, but he pays his bills. Phillips worked for him a few times.
128 So you think he's a creep?
129 Phillips?
130 Would you take a job from him.
131 Thanks!
132 Yeah, this is the only one I'd want in a fire fight. What can I do for you?
133 Where can a guy go here to get some quality weapons?
134 What's up with these Cathedral guys?
135 Where can a guy go to find action around here?
136 You wouldn't know where I can find a water chip?
137 What can you tell me about a man named Decker?
138 Sorry pal, but I'm on duty. No small talk.
139 Get the Hell out of my face before I kill you.
140 Way to go, Rocket Scientist! Who else could I be, Doc Morbid? Jeez!
141 The priest bitch. Who else did you think? Jeez!
142 I hate to admit it pal, but I've been out of the loop for weeks. You better ask someone else.
143 Room and board and not much else. These religious types are cheap!
144 Then let's solve it!
145 Fine. Because nobody likes a problem around here.
146 It's gotta be a scam. Nobody's really dumb enough to believe all this religious shit. Could they?
147 Yeah. It's a good thing that they aren't paying me to agree with them. Holy flame, my ass!
148 I dunno. I can tell you one thing, whatever you can say about the religion, they're not amateurs. They came in and organized this place like clockwork. This isn't just another band of mindless zombies.
149 Jeez, I thought only Vaults used that sort of crap!
150 Watch your mouth, asshole. These people may believe in peace and love, but I don't!
151 No problem.
152 Nah. The higher you climb, the worse the radiation gets.
153 Uh, if you like psychotic, stone cold ruthless bastards, then he's the man.
154 My partner. The guy who's guarding Jain.
155 It depends on how much risk you like. My life's been kinda busy lately, so I came here to lie low. But if you like action, sure. Just don't screw up or you're dead, that's all.
156 I hear the Water Merchants are always packing the best shit. But people will say anything about the Water Merchants. It ain't here among this crowd, that's for damn sure.
157 I been trying to get a good read on these guys for weeks. At first I thought they were fools, but now� I ain't sure. They're organized, and they've got a plan. I can smell it!
158 I hear Decker's got some action, but man, it's shitty work and if you screw up, you're as good as dead.
159 Water purification chip? You don't use well water? Good lord! I heard tell of a Vault near Shady Sands where you might find one, but that place is completely caved in. I don't think I can help you.
160 Can't talk. The boss don't like it. Sorry.
161 Hey, you!
162 Hey! What do you think you're doing!
163 Why the lock?
164 Hey, I'm backing off!
165 Can you give me a hand with this door? It's stuck!
166 You saw me! Too bad for you�
167 None of your business! Get outta here!
168 Good! Now get outta here!
169 Get lost! If you pull this sort of shit again, I'll kill you personally!
170 We ain't supposed to talk to you. On your way, pal.
171 Hey! What do you think you're doing!
172 Why the lock?
173 Hey, I'm backing off!
174 Can you give me a hand with this door? It's stuck!
175 You saw me! Too bad for you�
176 None of your business! Get outta here!
177 Good! Now get outta here!

Sentient programs. They can move in and out of any software still hardwired to their system. That means that anyone we haven't unplugged is potentially an agent.

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