Fallout GWEN Dialogue
100. You see Gwen, a desert bandit.
101. I am Gwen. I'm one of Garl's advisors. Who are you?
102. I'm
103. . What do you do around here?
104. I'm nobody special. Can you tell me about your camp?
105. Hroo?
106. I am the one who will sweep you off your feet, honey.
107. As an advisor, I make sure that no low-lifes cause any trouble for Garl.
108. And how do you do that?
109. You and what army?
110. I doubt you could do anything to stop anyone.
111. Looks like all the low-lifes live here.
112. Hmpf. If you're nobody special then I won't bother talking to you. Go away.
113. I keep idiots like you from bothering Garl. Go away!
114. I have ways to make certain undesirables are no longer here.
115. I can see that I was wrong. You probably could do your job well. Good bye.
116. Prove it!
117. Die!
118. It's been so long since I've had a good fight. Too bad you are going to lose. Here is proof of my skills!
119. You'll regret that remark. It will be your last!
120. If that is the best you can do, then I will be doing the world a favor by killing you.
121. Me and this army!

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