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100 A Junktown guard.
101 This is Junktown. Nice place to live, as long as you stay on our good side
102 Watch out for Gizmo and his cronies.
103 I like my boss.
104 You'd better put that away. Junktown is a friendly place, friend, and we want to keep it that way.
105 Put what away?
106 Don't tell me what to do, loser boy.
107 Sounds fair. By the way, what is the local law regarding weapons?
108 Uh oh.
109 Your weapon, idiot. Killian won't take your arms away, but you'd better damn well keep them in your holster.
110 Oh, sorry.
111 No way! I'm not putting down my shooters for nobody!
112 You'd better behave, since it's the law, and I enforce the law. Put your weapon away, don't draw it unless in self-defense, and you won't have a problem with us guards.
113 [more]
114 Disobey the law, and we will return you to the lawless wasteland - dead or alive.
115 Sure, since you put it that way.
116 Bite your laws!
117 Well, uh, fine with me. But you'd better be careful.
118 Fine, then. Heh.
119 Good you asked. No weapons can be drawn except in self-defense. If you start a fight, it's your fault. Other than that, it's your right to go around armed. Just don't pull a knife or gun without just cause. Have a good day.
120 Thanks - you, too.
121 Hey you, no weapons! And I don't care if your momma dropped you on your head as a kid. No weapons.
122 Dorf!

Courage will now be your best defence against the storm that is at hand, that and such hope as I bring.

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