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250+ (250 Max) Results For GUARD.MSG
0 {100}{}{The guard does not respond to you.}
100 You see a guard.
100 Holy crap! Kill it!
100 You see before you a gruff guard.
100 You see Savil of the Follower's Guards.
100 You see a ghoul guard.
100 Hey!
100 Not scared.
100 You see a Paladin guard.
100 You see one of Shady Sands' guards.
101 I work for the Barterman.
101 Shoot that beast before it eats him!
101 Who goes there?
101 You see Nancy of the Follower's Guards.
101 We're going to take you to Set. I think he'll want to talk to you, personally.
101 No weapons in here!
101 I'm scared.
101 Pssst, see any good deals?
101 Hey, I think you'd better be leaving. We don't want your kind here.
102 Got any donuts?
102 Guns!
102 Me. Me.
102 You see Jelissa of the Follower's Guards.
102 You shouldn't be here . . .
102 Watch it!
102 I'm on duty. Go away.
102 Sorry, I'm on duty. Can't talk right now.
102 I can't believe that Tandi has disappeared. I hope you are going to find her. It would really hurt Aradesh if something bad happened to her.
103 If you break it, you buy it!
103 Get him out of there!
103 Who goes where?
103 You see Lynda of the Follower's Guards.
103 Garret told me it was OK. He told me to get something from Set's room for him. Do you know where it is?
103 Get 'em!
103 Be good in this town or you'll answer to me.
103 What a nice day. I hope we don't have any attacks today.
103 Thanks for returning Tandi. It's a good sign for the future, don't you think?
104 Shoplifters will be killed!
104 Don't go inside the ring, chump.
104 I do!
104 You see Jessica of the Follower's Guards.
104 OK. I'll just be leaving then.
104 Quit sneaking around!
104 Got any donuts?
104 Some of these Caravan traders are a little strange.
104 That's a damn shame about Tandi. I hope Aradesh will be ok.
105 Are you gonna buy something? Perhaps in this century?
105 Hey, where do you think you're going?
105 Deathslayer!
105 You see Shannon of the Follower's Guards.
105 Huh?
105 No sneaking around in here!
105 Ever get the feeling you're being watched? Like you're being controlled by some distant being? I do.
105 Good day.
105 Welcome, stranger. We don't see your kind often.
106 Can't fight Rad Scorpions without this stuff.
106 Talk to Gustofer if you want to bet.
106 Be at peace. I am a friend.
106 You see Mohandki of the Follower's Guards.
106 That doesn't sound right. You'd better come along with me.
106 Hey, you! Quit trying to hide, or get out!
106 Did you hear what the Rad Scorpion did to Bill? They're still trying to locate his legs.
106 Hi there, good looking.
106 Uh, thanks. Bye.
107 Meme? Well, get out of here! This is the property of the Children of the Cathedral.
107 You see Percy of the Follower's Guards.
107 I don't think so.
107 What?
107 So you think you can handle a Rad Scorpion, huh?
107 Greetings, initiate.
107 Why not?
108 Huh? Me stay!
108 You see Henry of the Follower's Guards.
108 OK.
108 Hey, can I ask you a few questions?
108 If you have any questions about our order, you should talk to Cabbot, over by the door.
108 Hnnng!
109 Huh? You Die!
109 You see Herion of the Follower's Guards.
109 I don't think you want to go to that room.
109 Can you spare a few caps?
109 Cabbot is the one you want to talk to; he's the young lad by the door.
109 Not so fast! This is a small community. We don't see strangers often, and we don't really need them if you get my meaning. If you don't have a good reason to be here, you'd better just keep moving.
110 Me no want to go.
110 Who travels the halls of the Followers?
110 Why not?
110 Never mind, sorry.
110 Pssst, see any good deals?
110 Hey, I ain't gonna hurt anybody.
111 Great. Of all the people I had to stop, I stopped a piece of cannon fodder. What can I do for you?
111 Huh?
111 Ok, I don't want to go into that room. Now what?
111 Uuuh?
111 If you're here to trade you're talking to the wrong person.
111 Uh.
112 Go night-night!
112 I am
112 I think you'd better be leaving.
112 I'm on duty. Make it quick.
112 What?
112 I wasn't saying that you was gonna. You'd just better leave us alone.
113 Nahnah.
113 . I come in peace.
113 We are here to make sure that people that don't belong in Set's room don't go into it. Not for Set's safety, actually, but for theirs. Anything else?
113 No. Go away.
113 Don't bother me, worm.
113 I'll try not to make trouble.
114 Hep ew.
114 I am
114 Yeah. Your shoelaces are untied.
114 Can you tell me about your boss?
114 Do I look like I'm interested in anything you might have to offer?
114 I'm sick and tired of your trash. Prepare to meet your maker.
115 OK. I suggest you get out of here before you get hurt.
115 . Your destroyer.
115 Nah. Thanks.
115 What else is there around this town?
115 Hmph. The nerve.
115 Look, Shady Sands don't need your kind from the Hub, or Junktown, or wherever you come from. We do pretty good by ourselves.
116 You want to help me? I doubt that. What do you have?
116 Who are the Followers?
116 What are you, stupid? Go away.
116 Initiate, you should know better than to bother us while we're on watch.
116 The last trader from the Hub sold us a malfunctioning irrigation pump. We've had it with your dirty deals.
117 Nahnah.
117 OK. I can see that you are a little slow. Who you?
117 No. Go beg somewhere else.
117 If you have any questions about the Order, you should talk to Cabbot, by the door.
117 You got it all wrong. I'm not like that.
118 Dis!
118 Me
118 Buzz off.
118 Initiate, shouldn't you be doing something useful?
118 Yeah, right. So you say. Just don't get into any trouble, Ok?
119 Vaut.
119 . You dead.
119 We don't have a use for paupers here.
119 No problem.
120 Wasting my time, I see. Get lost!
120 Me
120 Gizmo's a fair man. Pay's good, work's easy. Don't make trouble and everyone will be happy.
120 Yeah, whatever.
121 Vaut. Vaut? What's a vaut?
121 . Me hep.
121 Go catch a few drinks at the Skum Pit. Good grog. Opens at four. Now leave me alone.
121 Well, maybe you aren't. You do seem a little different to me. I'll tell you what. You should go talk to Aradesh. He is in the center of town.
122 Numnum.
122 Me kill!
122 Why don't you go shopping at Killian's? His store is southeast of here. Now beat it.
122 We don't want your kind here. Go back to wherever you came from.
123 Nonah.
123 Me
123 Talk to the dealers.
123 Hey, no need for weapons. We don't look too kindly on those around here.
124 Valt! Valt!
124 . Me go.
124 Hey, if you wanna have a little fun, stop by the Crash House and ask for Sinthia. She's worth it.
124 Hey, you didn't turn out to be such a bad person after all. Have a nice day.
125 Oh, you want candy. Sorry, I don't have any. Goodbye.
125 You want to help? I think you will need to talk to Nicole or Jake if you want to help us. They have more time for dealing with slower people.
125 No cheating.
125 I really wish you would just leave town.
126 Oh, a Vault. I'm sure that is very nice. Maybe you can talk to one of my superiors about that. I'm kinda busy right now.
126 OK. Just stay out of trouble around here.
126 Debtors will be shot.
127 It is very dangerous here. Big, bad monsters took over this place. We are trying to save what we can before they come back.
127 Do you see to end the evil of the Children?
127 Boy, my neck hurts.
128 No go! No go!
128 Yes. I want to wipe out those scum.
128 This job bites the Bone.
129 Uh, oh.
129 No. I'd rather kill you wimps.
129 I love this place.
130 Bubye.
130 Who are these Children?
130 Think I'll visit Sinthia tonight.
131 Okay. Suit yourself. When they get back here, you can be their dinner.
131 Why would I want to kill children?
131 Get outta here, you moron.
132 Me kill! Me kill!
132 Excellent! Go talk to Nicole and she will be able to tell you how you can help us.
132 No weapons in here!
133 Bubye.
133 The Children are an occult group who worship some dark god. Personally, I think there is something about them that reeks of evil.
134 You can try. I'm not sure you will get very far, though. Good luck to you.
134 I will kill them.
135 Uh oh is right. They are nasty. We are trying to make them understand that people and monsters can live together.
135 I don't know. They sound too strong for me.
136 Oh. OK. Bubye.
136 What can I do to help?
137 Just tell me who you are before I blow off your head.
137 Forget it! There is no way I will help you.
138 I'm a Follower. Where did everyone go?
138 They are a strong lot, but I think with someone of your skills, you will be able to get in and help us destroy them.
139 I'm one of you. Now let me pass.
139 I'll do it then.
140 I am
140 No. I don't think I will help.
141 . Remember it!
141 Suit yourself. If they take over the wastelands, don't say we didn't warn you.
142 I don't have to.
142 If you talk to Nicole, she will be able to tell you more of what can be done to stop them.
143 DIE!!!
143 Thank you. Goodbye.
144 Come with me. I'll show you where everyone else went.
144 Not children. We wouldn't think of harming them. No. These are the Children of the Cathedral. A nasty group of people.
145 So, you are a Follower?
145 In that case, sure - I'll waste them.
146 Of course! Who else would I be?
146 Oh. I thought you were talking about kids. Nevermind. I don't think I'll help.
147 No, I am a Children member.
147 What can you tell me about these Children?
148 Silly me. I mistook you for someone else. Come with me. I'll show you the way.
148 We are the Followers of the Apocalypse. We are trying to bring peace to the wastelands.
149 I don't remember you. What's the name?
149 Sounds like a good idea. Good luck with it.
150 I'm
150 How do you plan on doing that?
151 . How could you forget about me?
151 That seems highly unlikely.
152 None of your business.
152 We are working to bring about tolerance to those in the wastelands for those few unfortunates who have been mutated by man's destructive nature.
153 I'm your worst nightmare.
153 Good luck with that, then.
154 I'm sorry. I still don't remember you. Maybe someone else may remember who you are.
154 In all of history, we have never been able to get tolerance. Why do you think the War happened?
155 Yes, I remember you. We were told to look for you. Vengeance shall be mine!
155 That's just a bunch of bull.
156 You are in my patrol area. It is my business. Talk or die!
156 You are right in saying that we, as humans, have been close-minded. However, there is always hope.
157 Fine. I'm
157 Good luck to you, then.
158 . Ring a bell yet?
158 I think you are right. Here, let me make you more open-minded with this.
159 Hmmm. I think . . . KILL!
159 Be that as it may, your opinion was not requested. Goodbye.
160 Let me think.
160 A cynic in our midsts. I am sure you have your reasons. Regardless, I am certain we can bring about some type of understanding.
161 Now let me see. It's
161 Good luck to you then. Goodbye.
162 . Right?
162 I've heard that the Children have been able to get some of our secrets. I wonder how that is happening?
163 Yes, you moron.
163 I believe that there is a spy somewhere around here.
164 Yes.
164 I know. I am selling your secrets to them.
165 No stupid. It's Deathstalker!
165 I am sure you are just imagining things. How can they know anything?
166 Good. Just making sure for your headstone.

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