Fallout GPWRTERM Dialogue
100. System: Primary Power: OFF-LINE Secondary Power: ON-LINE
101. Power Management
102. P*w*r*M*n*g*m*nt
103. Exit
104. Power Systems Management
105. Primary Power
106. Emergency Power
107. BACK
108. Primary Power Management: OFF-LINE
109. Reinitialize Primary Power
110. BACK
111. Primary Power Management: ERROR! ERROR! ERROR! Primary System Initialization Failed
112. Diagnose
113. BACK
114. Failure: Generator Level 6 0 Feed Return: Inoperable Service Needed
115. BACK
116. Emergency Power Management: ON-LINE
117. Disable Emergency Power
118. BACK
119. System: Primary Power: ON-LINE Emergency Power: ON STANDBY
120. Power Management
121. Exit
122. Primary Power Management: ON-LINE
123. Disable Primary Power
124. BACK
125. System: Primary Power: ON-LINE
126. d*s*bl* pr*m*ry p*w*r
127. Disable Primary Power
128. Exit
129. P*w*r S*st*ms M*n*g*m*nt
130. pr*m*ry p*w*r
131. *m*rg*ncy p**er
132. BACK
133. pr*m*r p*w*r m*n*g*m*n*
134. r**n*t**l*z* pr*m*ry p*w*r
135. BACK
136. pr*m*r* p*w*r m*n*g*m*nt: *RR*R! *RR*R! *RR*R*! g*n*r*t*r n**ds r*p**r
137. BACK
138. *m*rg*nc* p*w*r m*n*g*m*nt: *N-L*N*
139. System: Primary Power: OFF-LINE Emergency Power: OFF-LINE
140. Enable Emergency Power
141. d**gn*s* pr*m*r* p*w*r
142. pr*m*r* p*w*r *v*l**t**n
143. *n*bl* *m*rg*nc* p*w*r
144. p*w*r m*n*g*m*nt r*s*rc*
145. Exit
146. S*st*m *rr*r! *nv*l*d *s*r. n*t*f* *dm*n*str*t**n. S*st*m h*lt*d.
147. Exit
148. d*s*bl* *m*rg*nc* p*w*r
200. Grant me access to the Mainframe.
201. Access denied. Terminating input.
202. Access Granted.
203. Main Menu
204. Exit Mainframe
205. Terminate Program
206. Select Option
207. Base Information
208. Security Information
209. Research Information
210. Power Terminus
211. West Tech Research Facility: Founded in 2002 as a private contractor for the United States government, the company initially consisted of two divisions-- the Advanced Weapons Research and the Biomedical Sciences divisions.
241. In 2069, West Tech was the single largest contractor for the United States government; its largest contract being Powered Infantry Armor Model T-51b.
242. In light of significant advances in 2076 by the NBC on the Pan-Immunity Virion Project, the United States Defense Department, in fear of international espionage,
243. moved a team onto the site to secure and oversee the project, now dubbed the FEV (Forced Evolutionary Virus) project.
212. Security: Security Robots: Active
213. Security: Security Robots: Inactive
214. Deactivate Security Robots
215. Activate Security Robots
216. Research: Records most current at West Tech Research Facility
217. Research Division Employees Records
218. Power Armor. Status: Complete
219. FEV (Force Evolutionary Virus). Status: Pending
220. Research Personnel Records
221. Robert Anderson Research Assistant Security Clearance: Blue Stationed: Mariposa Military Base
222. Nick Davis Director of NBC Division of West Tech Research Security Clearance: Blue Stationed: West Tech Research Facility
223. John Isaac Research Assistant Security Clearance: Red Stationed: West Tech Research Facility
224. Steve Remco Research Assistant Security Clearance: Blue Stationed: Mariposa Military Base
225. Charles Rignhold Research Head of Laser Development Security Clearance: Blue Stationed: West Tech Research Facility
226. Michele Santose Lab Technician Security Clearance: Red Stationed: West Tech Research Facility
227. Erin Shellman Lab Technician Security Clearance: Blue Stationed: Mariposa Military Base
228. Leon VonFelden Research Head of FEV Security Clearance: Blue Stationed: Mariposa Military Base
229. Download Records to PIPBoy
230. BACK
231. Power Armor Specs: The T-51b Powered Infantry Armor is designed with the latest passive defense features for both civilian and military disturbances.
250. The back-mounted TX-28 MircoFusion Pack generates 60,000 Watts to power the HiFlo hydraulic systems built into the frame of the suit.
251. Made of the latest poly-laminate composite, the T-51b shell is lightweight and capable of absorbing over 2500 Joules of kinetic impact.
252. The 10 micron silver ablative coating can reflect laser and radiation emissions without damage to the composite subsurface.
232. FEV Summary Digest: 2073. As China became increasingly aggressive with their use of biological weapons, the United States government felt that a countermeasure was needed. The Pan-Immunity Virion Project (PVP) was officially formed September 15, 2073.
233. 2075. It became clear that the best way to combat the newly created biological weapons was to alter uninfected DNA so that it was no longer susceptible to standard viral infection.
234. 2076. Unforseen side effects began surfacing in early 2076 with the PVP. Animal test subjects began showing an abnormal growth rate accompanied by increased brain activity.
235. The U.S. government took notice of these discoveries, and in the interests of national security, moved a team on-site to secure and oversee the project, which was now dubbed the FEV (Forced Evolutionary Virus) project.
236. 2077. FEV nears completion. Test on lab animals are at a near 100% success rate. Size and muscle density increase approximately 60%, and the protential intelligence increase by 200%.
237. Effects upon human subjects remain unknown; although they are theoretically promising.
238. The military, wishing to continue further testing, builds a large facility at the Mariposa military installation in central California. At this new facility, testing of the FEV virus continues on volunteer subjects from the military.
239. Command Received: Command Executed

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