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100 It's a slot machine with a picture of a nuclear explosion on the side. It costs $20 to play.
101 You drop $20 in the slot machine and pull the greasy handle.
103 You get three nukes. Excellent! $
104 drops into the tray and you snatch it up.
105 Ding! Ding! Ding!
106 You get three bombs. Winner! $30 drops into the tray and you snatch it up.
107 Aww shucks! You lose.
108 You don't have enough money to play.

Then tomorrow we may all be dead, but how would that be different from any other day? This is a war, and we are soldiers. Death can come for us at any time, in any place. Now consider the alternative. What if I am right? What if the prophecy is true? What if tomorrow the war could be over? Isn't that worth fighting for? Isn't that worth dying for?

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