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100 Hey!
101 No weapons in here!
102 Watch it!
103 Get 'em!
104 Quit sneaking around!
105 No sneaking around in here!
106 Hey, you! Quit trying to hide, or get out!
107 What?
108 Hey, can I ask you a few questions?
109 Can you spare a few caps?
110 Never mind, sorry.
111 Uuuh?
112 I'm on duty. Make it quick.
113 No. Go away.
114 Can you tell me about your boss?
115 What else is there around this town?
116 What are you, stupid? Go away.
117 No. Go beg somewhere else.
118 Buzz off.
119 We don't have a use for paupers here.
120 Gizmo's a fair man. Pay's good, work's easy. Don't make trouble and everyone will be happy.
121 Go catch a few drinks at the Skum Pit. Good grog. Opens at four. Now leave me alone.
122 Why don't you go shopping at Killian's? His store is southeast of here. Now beat it.
123 Talk to the dealers.
124 Hey, if you wanna have a little fun, stop by the Crash House and ask for Sinthia. She's worth it.
125 No cheating.
126 Debtors will be shot.
127 Boy, my neck hurts.
128 This job bites the Bone.
129 I love this place.
130 Think I'll visit Sinthia tonight.
131 Get outta here, you moron.
132 No weapons in here!

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