Fallout GHGUARD Dialogue
100. You see a ghoul guard.
101. We're going to take you to Set. I think he'll want to talk to you, personally.
102. You shouldn't be here . . .
103. Garret told me it was OK. He told me to get something from Set's room for him. Do you know where it is?
104. OK. I'll just be leaving then.
105. Huh?
106. That doesn't sound right. You'd better come along with me.
107. I don't think so.
108. OK.
109. I don't think you want to go to that room.
110. Why not?
111. Ok, I don't want to go into that room. Now what?
112. I think you'd better be leaving.
113. We are here to make sure that people that don't belong in Set's room don't go into it. Not for Set's safety, actually, but for theirs. Anything else?
114. Yeah. Your shoelaces are untied.
115. Nah. Thanks.

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