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100 You see a ghoul guard.
101 Go away! You're not wanted here.
102 OK. Nice meeting you, too.
103 Huh?
104 I'm on duty. If you want to see Set, you gotta do it inside.
105 The door is locked. You'll have to come back later when it's dark.
106 Thanks.
107 Huh?
108 I told you to leave. Your kind is not wanted here.
109 Right.
110 Myuh!
111 The doors don't open until dark.
112 I need to get in there. Is there any way you can help me?
113 Hmm, OK.
114 Ugh!
115 Well, I guess it can't hurt.
116 I wish I could help you, but Set would tan my ass if I did. You know how it is . . . always gotta do what the big guy says.
117 Yeah, I understand. Thanks.

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