Fallout GENSUPR Dialogue
100. Command, this is Guardhouse. All clear. Out.
101. Death to you!
102. Intruder!
103. Hu-man!
104. Halt. This restricted area. You no be here.
105. You had best be surrendering.
106. You stop. Me take to Lieutenant. Come peaceful or die.
107. Luggi!
108. Die, spawn from hell!
109. I've come to talk to your master.
110. I'm a special mutant on a mission for your master. Let me pass or face the consequences.
111. I'm with the Cathedral. Let me by.
112. Die!
113. Have it your way.
114. Fine. To the death it is.
115. Good. Come with me, no laugh-type stuff.
116. OK. Let's go.
117. Laugh-type stuff? But you're gonna look so funny when I box you up!
118. I do not believe you.
119. I don't think so.
120. No. You human. You die.
121. If you lie, me kill you.
122. Oh, OK. Move along.
123. Uh, fine. I guess. Maybe you better see Lieutenant.
124. You killed my brother. I will have my revenge!
125. Death to you!
126. Murderer!

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