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100 The Raider is too frightened of Garl to speak to you anymore.
101 You see a tough desert Raider.
102 It's the Death-Hand. He's returned!
103 Excuse me, Death-Hand. I'm sorry to disturb you.
104 Have you come back to kill your son?
105 Aiyeee! A ghost!
106 The dead walk again! The Death-Hand has returned!
107 Well met.
108 Hi.
109 I'm waiting for Garl to crush Shady Sands. I want some loot.
110 Welcome, friend.
111 I'm glad that you could return for a visit.
112 Unless you want trouble, you'd better put that away.
113 Do you want to party? If not, put your weapon away.
114 Oh, a tough one, huh?
115 Garl Death-Hand loves his warriors. Put that thing away and go talk to him.
116 So, you think you're tough, huh? Mess with me and we'll both find out.
117 I don't like your looks.
118 Go away!
119 What do you want?
120 I'm looking for a woman named Tandi. Seen her?
121 Nothing. Just looking around.
122 Huh?
123 Oh. You must be looking for a job. Go and see Garl in the big room and leave us alone.
124 Then do it elsewhere.
125 Nah. I ain't seen her. Why are you asking?
126 Nothing. Just looking for a friend of mine.
127 There is a bounty on her head. If I can kill her, I can get some good cash.
128 You're lying. Where is she?
129 Ah, OK.
130 Really? What does she look like?
131 About 6 feet tall. Blonde. She's from Shady Sands.
132 Yeah, she's here. She's in the big house. You know, if we tell Garl, then he would want a piece of the bounty. You might want to think about that.
133 You don't sound like you mean it. I think that you are up to something. And if you are telling the truth, then I'll bag the reward for myself.
134 I . . . I can't say any more or Garl will kill me.
135 Bite me!
136 I don't like your looks. You'd better get away from me.

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