Fallout GENPALB Dialogue
100. Die, you dog!
101. My defeat shall be avenged!
102. Hold, initiate! What do you have to report?
103. All quiet on the western front.
104. Rad Scorpions and intolerable heat. Uh . . . sir.
105. Actually, I wanted to know if you had heard anything.
106. Nothing to report, sir!
107. Ruh?
108. Hold! I recognize you -- you've visited the Brotherhood. Some may trust you, but I do not. State your business!
109. My business is my own, just as yours belongs to you.
110. I wanted to see a friendly face.
111. Wandering the wastes, trying to survive.
112. I'm killing desert vermin. Do you disapprove?
113. I will only state it to the head of your order. Take me to the Brotherhood.
114. Biz?
115. Hold! I recognize you and I do not trust you. I give you fair warning: if you make trouble for us, you will be shot dead. Now move!
116. Hold! Who goes there! State your name and your business!
117. I am
118. and I seek a water chip for my Vault. Can you help me?
119. and I'm trying to find the source of mutant attacks.
120. and that's none of your business!
121. and I'm looking for adventure.
122. Up yours, soldier boy.
123. Runk!
124. Halt! These lands belong to the Brotherhood of Steel. Leave now, or we will shoot you as a trespasser.
125. Very good. Carry on, Initiate.
126. I see. Carry on, Initiate.
127. There are reports of large mutant humans attacking travelers, so we're increasing our vigilance. Keep a close eye on the area and retreat to the compound if necessary. Initiate, dismissed!
128. These are troubled times, Initiate! Mutants are on the march, attacking caravans! We need information, and we need it now! Nothing to report is not good enough!
129. Get your sorry ass out of here, and bring us back some useful intelligence! Initiate, dismissed!
130. Oh yes, I heard about you. Not much of an IQ, but a helluva fighter. Too bad.
131. This is our land, and here, your business is our business. I repeat, state your business.
132. I seek a water chip for my Vault. Can you help me?
133. I am trying to find the source of mutant attacks.
134. This may be your land, but I am not your slave.
135. I've been wandering the wastes for a long time. I wanted to know if you have news.
136. A friendly face? It won't be mine. I would recommend leaving.
137. As are we all. As long as you do not act against the Brotherhood, you will not be harmed, but tread carefully.
138. It depends on whether or not you consider us vermin. If you attack our enemies, you will be permitted to travel in our territory. If you offend us, you will die. Consider yourself warned.
139. That's a reasonable request. Fall in.
140. Water chip? I hope you're not serious! You'd be better off struggling on the surface than enslaving yourself to a single piece of machinery.
141. As are we. The most common theory is that they come from the Glow, but I doubt even mutants could survive there for long. If you find out something, let us know.
142. How dare you accuse me of such a thing! The Brotherhood of Steel has never forced anyuone to serve us against their will. That goes against everything we believe in. Get out of my sight!
143. We found a wrecked caravan about a day's journey to the west. We found one survivor - poor girl. She claimed they were attacked by mutant humans with incredible strength.
144. We've heard enough reports that we're . . . concerned. I would walk cautiously, if I were you.
145. I'm going to have to teach you some manners, boy. This should make for some light entertainment.
146. I'm going to have to teach you some manners, girl. This should make for some light entertainment.
147. Your mind is completely gone. Poor creature.
148. Stop wasting my time, fool!
149. What do you want?
150. Nothing.

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