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17 Results For GENMERCA.MSG
100 Hello! What can I do for you?
101 Who are you?
102 What are you doing?
103 Yeah, gimme everything you've got.
104 Lub!
105 I'm Lox. I'm a merchant.
106 I'm Terrance. I'm a trader.
107 I'm Julian. I'm a tinker.
108 I'm Dale. I buy and sell small goods.
109 I'm on a trip to Adytum to sell some goods.
110 I'm on a trip to Junktown to do some trading.
111 I'm on a trip to the Hub to barter my wares.
112 I'm on a trip to Necropolis to do some exploring.
113 Aack!
114 Do you mind if I join you?
115 Sure, come along. The company will be good.
116 Sorry, this company is already full.

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