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100 You see a Knight.
101 I wonder what the old turbine engines were really like.
102 It would be great if we had a working automobile.
103 Did you know man has been on the moon? Or I think that's what they said.
104 I can't find the file I need.
105 I'll be a Paladin someday.
106 Talus is a skilled warrior. I would never want to have to go up against him.
107 Thomas is the best fighter in the Brotherhood. I bet he could best Rhombus.
108 I'd like to get my hands on those raiders. Show them what thieves deserve.
109 That's it . . . what? Oh sorry. I can't talk right now.
110 I wonder . . . huh? Oh, you made me lose my train of thought.
111 I love working on new prototypes.
112 When our supplies are limited, it can really be a challenge to find a way to use what we've got.
113 I can't figure out why my last prototype didn't work.
114 Sorry, can't talk right now.
115 Vree's over there.
116 Now where did I put that file . . .
117 Where's that schematic?
118 Well the computer says it should work; now what did I do wrong?

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