Fallout GENGHOUL Dialogue
100. What do you want?
101. Leave me alone.
102. What?
103. Don't mess with my stuff.
104. Hi.
105. Arrrr!
106. Grrrrr!
107. Uungh.
108. Uhh.
109. Hey, did you hear that Set was offed?
110. Set's dead. Set's dead. Set's dead . . .
111. There's enough water to go around for everyone. Set makes sure of that.
112. I heard that the mutants got run out of town.
113. Ever since the mutants left, it's been better.
114. Hello.
200. You examine the pitiful thing, but can not figure out what might have made it the way it is.
201. It seems to have been human once, or at least descended from humans. You guess that the deteriation in the body is most likely due to acid or radiation.
202. The body of the humanoid looks to be highly irradiated, but still functioning. While it was once human, it seems to have reverted to a more animalistic lifestyle.
203. The body of the humanoid looks to be higly irradiated, and much of the muscle and brain matter seem to have deteriorated. However, genetic indicators lead you to believe that it desceded, like you, from those that entered the Vaults.
300. You have been radiated!

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