Fallout GENGAMBL Dialogue
100. You see a gambler.
101. Ack! It's a stick up!
102. I don't want any trouble with you.
103. He's got a gun!
104. She's got a gun!
105. Oh, it's you.
106. I've heard a lot of bad things about you. Neat.
107. You've gotten off to a bad start, huh?
108. You horrible person. Killing those kids. I can't believe it.
109. I've heard that there are some bounty hunters after you. Have you killed them, too?
110. Don't talk to me.
111. Geez, you offed the Mayor, didn't you?
112. Oh, when Killian was alive, I didn't like this place. Now it's OK to come here.
113. Go away.
114. Hey, how are you doing today? I'm doing OK.
115. Hey, how are you doing tonight? I'm doing OK.
116. Leave me alone. I'm on a hot streak.
117. Baby, those slot machines are mine.
118. Gimme sumthing to drink, will you bub?
119. Grrr! This place sucks!

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